5 Simple Ways to Look After Yourself

We live in a world that is very busy and hectic. Its very easy to forget about yourselves, our state of mind and how we are actually feeling. As people, we bottle things up and wait for the bottle to pop until we actually ask for help or help ourselves. I've put this post together today for anyone out there who is feeling overwhelmed, like things might be getting too much...or just if you want to change your lifestyle in a small way. These are 5 easy ways you can start to look after yourself and begin to change. 
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Morning Mindfulness Routine: Start every morning by engaging in some mindfulness activities that aim to calm your mind. I've started doing 10 minutes of meditation as soon as I wake up. This along with taking deep breaths has relaxed my mind and prepared for the day ahead. I also love getting ready in the morning and listening to something either inspirational or calming. The area I get ready in the morning is also a very calming and relaxing place. I keep my makeup on a vanity unit, and find it helps keeping that area organised and tidy, to ensure an easy morning. Everything is out ready to use to avoid any issues.

Eat Brain Foods: What you put in you, shows on the outside. This is why its important to fill the body with healthy meals and snacks throughout the day. They should really contain wholesome ingredients with barely any processed ingredients and added sugars. I see a big change in my body when it has been fed with fruit and vegetables, rather than fizzy drinks and crisps. I love snacking on dried fruits and nuts at the moment too, they seem to combating any hunger and help me concentrate too.

MOVE!: I never realised the importance of moving around during the day and the effect that it has on my overall well being. By having blocks of time in the day to move my body, it increases heart rate, and moves all the muscles. This not only improves my overall mood and mental state but also gives me more energy and stamina to work harder. Instead of sitting on your office chair all day, walk around, stretch and get a little bit more active during the day,

Complete Your Most Important Tasks: Who doesn't love writing a to do list? Its a great way of keeping tracking of things you have to do and when for. I love the feeling of crossing something off too - its like no other. However, there are times when we all try to complete everything on the never-ending to-do list in one go. Instead we have to start being more realistic about the list and break it down. Choosing around three to five tasks that will make a bigger impact on you straight away and completing these, is better than trying to do everything in one go and not liking the end result. Looking after your mental well being is just as important as the physical side of things. 

Reflection: This is something that I have recently started doing, in an attempt to putting myself first. I take time at the end of the day to reflect on what went well, what could have been better and what I need to do to make tomorrow the best it can be. Having gratitude and perspective can also provide you with a sense of wisdom and hope as you complete the day and prepare for the next. Reflections can happen in the forms of writing in a journal, talking to others or simply thinking to yourself. Its a nice and easy way of shutting off for the night and getting ready to sleep without having lots of worries hanging over your head. 

I hope these tips, even if its just one, helps you in some way. Remember, your body will be around longer than an expensive handbag, invest in yourself first. 

*sponsored post, all opinions stated are my own, tips and tricks are what I have found have helped me but may not be for everyone.

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