4 Changes I'm Making in 2020

February is when I start my new year off. January is always a bit messy and I'm trying to get my life back in order, but this month is my new start. I decided that I can restart the new year, with a new me - my way. I've wanted to make a few changes to my lifestyle for a while now, and what better time to do this than now. Its all about a balance, right?
2020 beauty changes

1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 

I need to become more eco-friendly with everything in my life. It starts with small things, like using my water bottle more as opposed to plastic ones. Taking a travel mug with me everywhere, and a bag in my handbag for when I go shopping. Small changes like this, are great for me and for the environment. 
One company that have been doing this switch for a while is GANT. They have been working hard to become more sustainable for decades with their links to better cotton, recycle ocean plastic, campaign for fair, equal working wages across the supply chain and so much more. You can find more information on everything GANT are doing about Sustainability here. 
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GANT very much pride themselves as the original shirt maker and with their Tech Prep range made with high performance and recycled fibres, it's a shirt that will last you a lifetime. Its their take on a classic, oversized shirt but considers the environment when been made and sold. I love the idea behind it and definitely think, its the invest we all need. 

2. Read More

I love my job, being a teacher is great but I seem to read a lot of children's book and I think I need to make time to read more books that are age appropriate. My book of the month has got to be Reader, I Married Me by Sophie Tanner*. She very kindly sent this out to me after I commented on someone else's picture of her book and I couldn't be more thankful.I can't wait to start reading and rediscover my love of books again. 

3. Make Time For Me

The laptop needs to stop coming out as much as it has in the past. I need to start realising that if something can't be done one night then it doesn't matter, it can wait. If I can't finish it at work, then it can wait till the next day. Last month, I found myself stretching myself thin and it didn't do much for my health or well-being. I need to make time for me and do things for me, give my nails some love again, blog more and scroll through instagram more! 

4. Grow

Last year was tough, for many different reasons. This year I want to grow as a person. Its time to focus on myself and become the person I want to be and want others to see me as. I think this is a process in itself, and it will take time and patience, but I'm excited to see where I am going to go in this new year, new decade and new journey. 

Do you have any changes you would like to make this year? 
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