Pixi Vitamin C Range Review

I have two concerns when it comes to my skin, the first being spots and the second being scars.These two things are what I try and target everyday, to help reduce/minimise/go away. Anything that helps them becomes a favourite product of mine. When Pixi sent over their entire Vitamin C* range, I was very excited. I had heard so many benefits of using VC for scarring and hyperpigmentation, and I couldn't wait to get started and discover the benefits for myself. 
pixi vitamin c hyperpigmentation
     As with all their other ranges, I don't always get along with everything there is to offer. This post is a review of the main products I have loved and cherised. To find out more of what Pixi have to offer, check out my other posts here.     

Juice Cleanser £18 // When it comes to cleanser, I am so picky! I need something that is going to clean my skin but also keep it hydrated as all other products I use for breakouts are drying. When I first tried this cleanser, my skin was stinging a little bit and that scared me. I think I went in with too much and since then have only been using it when I really need to. If there are days that I want my makeup to look more glowy, then I use this as part of my morning skincare. A tiny bit on a cotton pad is ample and it really refreshes the skin. I seem to be using it more like a toner but wash it off after applying.

Tonic £10 // I adore the Pixi tonics and this one did not disappoint. Of all the products, this has a really citrusy smell and similar to the cleanser I was very careful with how much I applied. I use this now every two nights in rotation with the rose tonic also from pixi. It exfoliates my skin and is very gentle. I think this in combination with everything else has made a big impact on the reduction of my scarring.

Serum £26 // Everyone has that one skincare step that they just have to do and for me, its serum. I love a good serum, its where the magic happens for my skin. This serum is my favourite product from the whole collection and probably from everything I have ever tried from Pixi. IT IS INCREDIBLE. If you are a sufferer of acne, scarring, hyperpigmentation, texture.. then this is a product that you need in your life. I have noticed the biggest change in my skin since using this serum and this alone. So much so, that the week I went on holiday and didn't use this - my skin went crazy. It seems to keep my collagen levels up and my oily/breakout prone levels down. I have very little texture now and the scarring that was there has been dramatically reduced. LOVE.

Lotion £24 // I've been testing out a very hydrating, luminous foundation recently and for my skincare prep before application this lotion has been working wonders. It not only gives my skin a lovely, healthy glow but it primes the skin perfectly and ready for makeup. I like that its not very thick in consisentcy and that as soon as you rub it in, it sinks in and doesn't leave a greasy feeling.

Caviar Balm £24 //  Of all Pixi products the caviar balms are just not my cup of tea. The rose one didn't do much for my skin and this one was no better. I tried to love it, tried using it in different ways but it just felt like a very heavy moisturiser that was sitting ontop of the skin rather than soaking it. If you are a fan of this, then please let me know how you use it!

I am so thankful to Pixi for bringing Vitamin C into my life, I can't believe how much of a difference it has made and how much I rely on it now.

Vitamin C is the way forward!


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