Summer Staples: SPF

Caudalie are one of the many skincare brands that I adore. Their products are kind to the skin, target specific concerns and do the job on the tin - to put it lightly. Their newest venture is in sun care and it couldn't be timed better. With the sunshine out in the UK and my summer holiday paid for, the SPF is sorted thanks to Caudalie. 
The new sun care range offers a high factor protection from harmful rays, protect the skin against ageing and smells amazing. The line has 5 products to offer; SPF 30 face sun care, SPF 50 sun care, Milky sun spray SPF 30, Milky sun spray SPF 50, Sun care oil.  The range is for everyone and there are two stand outs for me..

caudalie spf range

caudalie spf 50

Suncream for the face is my biggest struggle. I don't get on with many because they leave a horrible white cast, then there's the problem of too many products under my makeup, which doesn't help it sit correctly. With this face suncream I'm not left with a white cast, there is no sticky feeling and its sinks quickly into the skin, so I don't have a problem with applying makeup. Its enriched with grape water and a flower fragrance that makes it smell incredible! 
This alone works really well as a primer for the skin or just as an everyday moisturiser. I am a very happy person, now that I've found an easy and simple face sunscreen. 
caudalie huile solaire

An oil isn't something that I tend to go for when it comes to sun care, however this has me converted. Its a oil that is made of grape oil to nourish the skin without leaving any greasy residue. Its has the same floral fragrance as the face cream and its just amazing. I've been applying this to my arms and legs everyday since having it in my life. It gives them some love, a nice sheen and keeps me protected from the sun. It is going to be great for holidays, as you can apply/spray straight on after swimming and throughout the day. Oil convert! 

SPF is the most important thing in my routine at the moment. We’re always reminded to wear SPF, but why is it important? It protects us from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays: UVA and UVB. UVB rays are responsible for sunburn. It’s very easy to see — and feel — the effects of UVB rays. UVA rays, on the other hand, are deeper into the skin. These rays can lead to long-term effects like wrinkling, premature ageing and other skin damage. Remember your SPF!

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