Figs and Rouge Morning Skincare

Skincare has become so important to me in the last year or so. It makes such a difference to my overall look and when I wear makeup. In the morning, I tend to keep it simple and quick as I don't have much time. With the new Morning Revival range from Figs and Rouge, I can do exactly that! These two products have become a staple in my morning routine, giving my skin a fresh, dewy base ready for makeup. 

If you have oily or breakout prone skin like me, then this serum answers every single skincare concern! Its a very lightweight serum that is designed to help improve the skins texture and unclog pores. There's a might list of ingredients inside too, that my skin adores! Rosehip - which improves the dullness in the skin and gives you a natural glow. Witch Hazel - to help with texture issues, my main concern is around my chin area. Aloe Vera - which soothes the skin and helps control any redness. Chamomile - to help neutralise the skin and hydrate. All of this in combination works wonders and my skin has been soaking it up.

I take a tiny amount between my fingers and apply all over my face right after cleansing. The gel like serum, soaks straight into the skin and doesn't leave it feeling sticky or tacky. Over time, I have noticed that if I don't use this serum then my skin feels horrible and bumpy. Its helped calm my skin and the texture around my chin go down a considerable amount. On days where I do forget to apply or don't, I apply it at night and see the same benefits but better. I wake up the next day with baby soft skin, a feeling you can't beat! 

I get very wary when wearing oils under makeup, as I don't want it to break down my makeup or move my makeup around. I was a tiny bit hesitant to use this in the mornings at first, so I began by using it in the evenings. Its like a facial in an oil, it hydrates and nourishes the skin to make it look fresh and renewed. The oil contains vitamins and collagen to boost the skins elasticity. There is also, Rosehip, Evening Primrose and Rosemary blended inside of this one oil - which gives the skin so many benefits. 

Its an oil, its lightweight and oily but it blends into the skin very fast and doesn't leave the skin feeling tacky. Unfortunately, due to my skin type, it just doesn't work in the morning :(  my makeup doesn't sit on top very well, with this on its own or in combination with the serum. It prefers just the serum. However, I have been getting a lot of use out of this in the evenings as the very last step in my skincare routine. It makes the skin feel bouncy and in the morning I wake up looking a whole lot better. 

I am loving these two products from the collection and am going to be ordering myself some more bits as soon as pay day comes around. I have my eye on the Glow Drops! 
*pr samples gifted, all opinions my own

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