7 reasons why I LOVE Spring

Birds singing, lighter mornings, the sight of lambs and baby chicks, Spring flowers and of course a new Spring wardrobe. There’s so much that Spring has to offer. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE the summer time, with those seemingly endless days of glorious sunshine, and I enjoy everything that Autumn has to offer, from the colours and bonfires and the beautiful sights and smells, and Winter of course means the Festive season is upon us!
But Spring also has so much to offer, from gorgeous flowers to the latest celebrity gatherings like Met Gala, and to show just what you have to look forward to, I’ve rounded up 7 reasons why I LOVE Spring!
7 reasons why I LOVE Spring

More time outdoors
There’s nothing wrong with enjoying those long Winter months, curled up on your sofa watching the best TV shows with someone you love – and lots of snacks too – but after a time, our bodies start to crave fresh air and something a little more stimulating. With Spring finally here, it means that we can head outside and enjoy spending time in the warm sunshine!

You can hang your washing out
Ok, so this one is probably a little niche! But trying to dry your clothes during the colder months of the year always seems like hard work. So, when Spring is here, it means we can finally hang up all those wet clothes outside! It makes life so much easier!

Less colds, coughs and sniffles
It’s been a bad winter for things like coughs and colds, the flu and stomach bugs. But thankfully, you can now put that thermometer away and stop buying boxes of tissues. The warmer weather means that all those nasty bugs have finally died off and we can open the windows and breathe easy again!

It boosts your mood
Perhaps its because the sun is shining, or maybe it’s the influx of gorgeous baby animals, or maybe because of all the colourful flowers that are springing up everywhere. It’s almost impossible to be in a bad mood when Spring is in the air. More daylight is great for your mental health too!

A new wardrobe
We all love the comfort of a good pair of winter boots, snuggly jumpers and faithful winter coats. But now its time to bring those gorgeous spring sandals, light jackets and super cute dresses to the front of your closet once again! Pastels, animal prints, or bold block colours, Spring officially goes with everything!

There’s always something happening when Spring arrives! Whether it’s Coachella or even local music festivals or something that’s totally unique to your community. Festivals and local events are in abundance during Spring. It’s a great way to spend the weekend after a long week at work!

The days are more productive
There’s more sunlight, which means that it doesn’t get dark at 3pm! I don’t know about you, but when the sun is out and still shining late into the afternoon, I feel so productive!


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