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CeraVe, born and raised in the US has finally made its way over to the UK! I am so excited, its a brand that I have always heard good things about and now it is available in Boots, Look Fantastic and Feel Unique. Nearly everything is under £15 and you are getting exactly what you pay for. High quality ingredients, fast action products and amazing results. I discovered their cleanser at the start of this year, I want to say and since then have been addicted to it.This is a post round up of some of their products, the good and the not so good for my skin (combination oily). 
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CeraVe Foaming Cleanser// £9*
This is the product that started my love affair with the brand. I use this as my first cleanse, sometimes second cleanse, or both cleanses and always without fail first thing in the morning. It is ideally for normal to oily skin but don't let the part about 'foaming' put you off - it just gets a bit bubbly nothing much! It cleanses and removes makeup, oil, waterproof, long lasting - anything from the skin without harming the layers or disrupting anything that might be happening. It contains 3 main ingredients which are 'ceramides, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid'. This combination, calms the skin and doesn't dry it out. Honestly, I adore this stuff. If you have combination skin that is prone to breakouts then you need this, it is life changing. Just after 2 weeks of using it, I saw such a difference and now when I don't use it my skin goes crazy. SO much so that on my recent trip to the US I bought a value sized one because I can't live without it. It doesn't smell of anything, doesn't harm the skin and if you are looking for a basic, good cleanser then this is for you. 

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CeraVe Moisturising Lotion (Dry to Very Dry) £9*
This has been a god send for my skin as of lately. The cold weather has really taken its toll and I seem to be waking up every morning and my skin feels tight and looks flaky. Not a nice base to apply makeup onto. I apply a generous layer of this every morning and night after toner and serum and my skin loves it. It sucks it up, doesn't leave a oily residue and gives it some plump. For the price too, you can't really go wrong! Another reason why I love this is because it helps to treat dry areas after spot cream has been applied. Strong creams tend to dry the area up rather than treat it, so this has been a life saver at healing the skin quicker. 
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Facial Moisturising Lotion with SPF 25. £12*

This is the only product from them that I can't seem to get on with. I wanted to love this with every piece of my heart because it has SPF in it and that is so important for your skin. However, it just doesn't work for me. This is a lotion specifically catered to use on the face in the morning and if needs be in the evening. I find that this is very heavy and oily compared to the normal lotion mentioned above. When applied, it leaves a film on my skin and I just don't like the way it looks or feels. It could be because my skin is more on the dry side at this point in time, maybe this will work wonders during the summer - but for now its a no no from me :( 
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CeraVe Moisturising Cream £8.50*
When I started to use this, or wanted to use this - I didn't quite understand the difference between the lotion and the cream. Both have the same benefits and seem pretty much the same, but there is a slight difference. This is much more tailored to use on the body rather than face. It has a thicker texture unlike the lotion and applies a lot like a body butter. The texture and thickness however, doesn't make it oily or heavy. It skins straight into the skin and absorbs quickly. This works really well as a travel cream - thanks to the handy tub as opposed to a bottle or tub. 

None of the CeraVe products have a smell to them, no fragrances are inside them or nothing that your skin is likely to react to. My skin has fallen in love with them all - especially that heavenly cleanser! 


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