Pink Cloud Collagen Beauty Drink

What we apply on our skin is important but the things we put inside our body is just as important, over the past month I have been trying out the Pink Cloud 3 in 1 Beauty Collagen Drink. Sounds scary and the claims might seem too good to be true but after testing it out... here are my thoughts
pink cloud beauty co review

The Pink Cloud 3-in-1 Drink is a supplement that can be taken daily to help to solve the problem of weak nails, clearer skin and stronger hair. The drink comes in little silver sachets for each day and each one contains a variety of beneficial ingredients, including:

> Collagen - known to give the skin elasticity and strength
> Vitamin C - contributes to normal collagen formation
> Vitamin E - powerful antioxidant; protects cells from damage
> Biotin - important for good health of hair, skin and nails
> Selenium - a powerful antioxidant 
> Beetroot - I know what you're thinking, but this is what gives the drink its colour as it has no artificial flavours

How to Use:

All you have to do is add one sachet of the drink to 200ml of water and mix it together. I find that it gets a little lumpy if you don't mix it quick enough and this can make it horrible to taste. I have mine with my breakfast in the morning and finish it whilst getting ready, the drink is actually pink and tastes just like lemonade after the slight fizz. 


Overview of my current state, nails are very weak due to getting acrylics all the time. Hair is thick and doesn't get much attention paid to it, then the skin is an oily mess.

Over the month of trialling this, I wasn't really paying complete attention to my nails or skin as they weren't making the biggest changes. My hair on the other hand has improved by leaps and bounds. It is so much healthier looking and feeling, to the point where I can go a solid 4 days without the need to wash it because it seems to be looking after itself. It has also grown a whole lot, no split ends just staight growth. Which is unsual as my hair tends to get thicker rather than longer.

As for nails, due to having false ones on top it is hard to see what they are like. When I had them infilled this week, you could see underneath that many of the nails had really grown out to a point where they were the same length as the false ones, this never happens so I guess it is down to the magic ingridients in this drink.

My skin is a constant battle, at the moment it is looking a lot healthier but that is mainly down to the fact that I've spent time in the sun and being a darker shade of brown is making me look a lot less ill and more put together. I have noticed that my dry skin in areas such as my elbows and knees has improved a lot, it seems to be a lot smoother and firmer compared to usual.

I have throughly enjoyed taking these over the past month, it has taken some time for my body and brain to get used to drinking such a fizzy drink first thing in the morning but now I don't think my day would be the same without it. Benefits of the drink do not happen overnight and take constant drinking and a routine to really seem the improvement, I hope that as I have just ordered a second batch, the postiive results keep happening and the drink becomes just a part of life.

If you fancy trying this beauty drink, it retails at £29.99 for the 30 day supply but the code PARIE10 will give you 10% discount over on the site.

*product sent to me for reviewing purposes, all opinions expressed are my own and 100% honest

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