Dermalogica Clear Start

I seem to be finding that my love for skincare is taking over makeup, it excites me so much more when I buy a new cleanser or use a face oil at night. Sounds really sad when I say it back to myself, but I am sure that fellow beauty lovers (may) agree with me. The feeling of using something new for the first time and seeing it make a difference or go horribly wrong on the skin is the best thing ever. My skin is combination to oily and breakout prone, the tiniest amount of a product my skin doesn't like will make it explode. The Dermalogica Clear Start range is a targeted system to help those of us who suffer from breakouts. It is mainly for young teens who are just starting out with skincare, as there is a capsule collection of nine products but can be used by anyone. 

From the range, I have been trying out two new products for the past few weeks and just had to pen down my thoughts on them. Introducing new skincare products can be a little scary for me, I don't want my skin to react but I also don't want to miss out on the amazing benefits that a product carries. That is why, with these two new releases that are quite strong, I went in with them in one area and then slowly built it up. 

This is one of those masks that fizz and bubble like you see on instagram, the crazy looking ones! It doesn't fizz up quite as much as they do but it does bubble to the point where you can never get bored of it happening. Upon applying this to my t-zone area, I can feel the tingle to let me know that its working. 
It contains sulphur that helps keep the skin clear, kaolin clay to absorb oil and apple extract to hydrate the skin. These three work together to clean out my pores in the t-zone area and well as help target blackheads. I am currently using it twice week on the same days as I wash my hair, so I remember that I need to do it and it has helped so much. The area is not breaking out as much and the pores are slowly reducing in size.
 I do feel that you need quite a lot to really get it working, which makes me wonder how quick I am going to get through the bottle. Nonetheless, it is working and doing the job - I am wanting to use it on my chin area next as this part of my face is very congested.

Breakout Clearing Booster - £19.50 

Spot treatments from the likes of Clearasil and Biore have never really worked with my skin, I need something stronger but that doesn't dry the skin. I had no hoped for this product as it claims to clear a breakout in 15 minutes, and we all know that really isn't possible. However, I was too quick to judge this bottle of magic. This pump bottle contains salicylic acid, by far the best ingredient to kill an active breakout and help any go away.
I take a little amount of this and apply it after I have cleansed and tone, and before applying moisturiser. Products like this I find, work so much better when layered in between other products rather than right on top. Applying a moisturiser after, means that my skin doesn't get really dry after using the booster. The first two days of using this there was not much of a difference but then I started to notice that breakouts were not appearing as often from anything used the day before and best of all my texture around my mouth/chin area was much less. It really has worked wonders and I can see myself already repurchasing this when it runs out.

I love these two products from the range and now want them all!

Both of these actually launch today (2nd August), so if you like the sound of them go, go go!
*products sent to me to review, all opinions are my own

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