So...? Let's Go Away!

One of my favourite things about about going away is the mini products that you get to used. I love buying travel suncream, shampoo, deodorant - basically anything small and cute. Whether this is for a holiday that includes a flight or in the car to the other side of the UK. My latest additions to the mini collection of products are these So...? fragrances*. As a brand So...? made a massive comeback around this time last year and they were and have been featured on here a few times. I have one of them all the time in my work handbag and one in the bathroom too for a morning spritz. Now, just because these are smaller in size, does not mean that they are low on quality. 
so frangrances mini

so fragrances superdrug

The first in the mini collection is the original body mists in Bali Breeze (£1.50) & Miami Vibes (£1.50). These are 50ml, so ideal for hand luggage and in two tropical scents that are perfect for summer. BB is a lot sweeter smelling than MV and on me personally, it seems to last a longer. I love that these are ideal for travelling and also love that they still smell just as good as the larger bottles, sometimes when a product gets shrunk down the quality is lost but not with these. MV is a great option to use in the evening when perfume can be a lot more potent and dark, BB is ideal for everyday use and a quick refresh. 

Now, the Dark Romance (£3.99) & Floral Crush (£3.99) are slightly more expensive that the mists but they are perfume. The bottles are a lot more sleek and sophisticated but still under 100ml limit. These are quickly becoming my favourite everyday scents, they last on me for ages, which some expensive perfumes fail to do and they can be smelt from a distance. The Dark Romance scent is for those who like people to know they are wearing perfume. Its a very rich scent of vanilla and some very dark/musky smells as well. If you are a sweet smell kind of gal, then this is not for you! 
Floral Crush on the other hand, might just be perfect. It is very feminine and delicate with slight hints of rose and peony it smells of flowers and freshness. This is a very awakening scent and perfect for everyday in the summer and I think in the spring too. Both of them are gorgeous scents and I can see myself using them a lot! 

I love So..? as a brand and these scents have made me fall in love with them even more. They don't just smell amazing but the size is just too cute! 
*products in this post have been gifted to be

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