21st Birthday Makeup

Today is my birthday! I turn the grand age of 21, just a year until I can sing the very famous Taylor Swift song (you know which one I mean). I haven't really been excited for this birthday, I've been more scared. I can't believe I am to be 21, basically a adult with a job and having to think about the future. The makeup that I wear for my meal out tonight is a signature look for me, I like to go all out but still keep it true to myself.  Its also a face full of makeup that I am low key obsessed with at the moment.
birthday makeup

My face has consisted of the same products for the past few weeks no matter what the occasion, work, shopping and for this more fancier event. My foundation of choice has been the EX1 Invisiwear Foundation (£12.50)*, this is bloody beautiful on the skin. It got a almost yellow undertone which works perfectly with my Asian skin tone. The foundation itself is lightweight, to the point where in the evening I apply nearly two and a half layers and still can't feel it on my skin. The coverage is simply stunning, it covers my scarring and pigmentation but my skin still looks and feels like skin. As time goes on their is this dewiness that appears from the foundation and makes my skin look amazing and it warms up to my natural skin tone and oh my god, I am in love. To set this in place I have been using the EX1 MIneral Foundation*, this is great to use on its own for a natural everyday coverage but works even better when used as a setting powder. It not only adds a bit of coverage to the skin but also makes it look natural and matte too. A duo made in heaven. I then take a little bit of Revolution concealer and add it on any spots peeking out/ under my eyes.

My bronzer is a bit worse for wear at the moment, I dare not show you inside because I'm scraping it out but it is just the most gorgeous shade. Not too orange and muddy but just adds a nice flush of bronze on my skin. For my highlight I have opted with Becca Royal Glow, I popped a review of this up just the other week and its fair to say that I am even more in love than before. The glow it gives is just beautiful and it makes me feel like a queen too!

INFINI roses

Also, how gorgeous are these INFINI flowers?! They may look like roses, but they aren't your ordinary ones. They are real roses that last over a year, they are cut and treated with solution to keep them for longer without losing their freshness and structure. These are the pink boxes housed in the classic cube box, it retails for £59.00 and guarantee freshness and look beautiful. To say there is solution in it, you can't smell it and they look gorgeous on my bedside. 

With hay fever season on the high, I have to keep eyemakeup at the bare minimum which sometimes means no mascara either :( But, its my birthday so maybe just a little bit won't do much harm. I first took the Kat Von D shadow in Doce, all over the lid the shade is a very warm toned coppery brown and looks perfect under the Stila glitter which adds a nice bit of pop to the eyes. I am going to attempt to not wipe all the Tarte Mascara off because it adds to my lashes in the best way possible. 
makeup flatlay

To finish this very simple but elegantish look off, I have applied MAC Bodly Bare and Velvet Teddy. The lip liner was a treat to myself as I needed a new liner, it matches my lips perfectly and looks nice under every single lip colour. Velvet Teddy was actually a repurchase- the only lipstick that I have ever bought twice from MAC. Why? Because it is the most gorgeous nude ever and when topped with a gloss looks amazing, it lasts and the formula is creamy and easy to wear. I just bloody love it.

....and that is it, this years very simple but fresh faced makeup! 

*PR Samples

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