Spring Instagram Ideas

Ahh Instagram... the platform that promises so much but delivers nothing. At the moment, I am finding it really hard to grow on the gram and I think a lot of others are too. However, I am not letting this get me down, and this month have committed myself to thinking about the platform positively. This means posting when I feel like it, posting what I want to and making sure that I am happy with the content. See a trend with all of this? Its all about me. Your instagram feed should be for you and no one else, post what you like who cares! This post, is a little list and a few ideas about what you could post if you are having a bit of a creative block.

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I love seeing what people are wearing and getting inspiration from them, basket bags seem to be appearing a lot recently as are sandals. Have a look at others to see what they're wearing and pinch some ideas, you also don't need someone professional to take your photos. My brother has been taking my recent photos and he's doing a very good job indeed, just tell them what you are looking for by showing an example. I love Robyn's style, always so chic! 

Sharing what you're loving or even hating at the moment is always a great idea, it gives people a chance to see what kind of things you're into and what they might want to try. A great way to do this is by just sharing what makeup you are wearing that day, even if its been the same all week - post about it, people are very nosey! Lauren does this really well and I am constantly looking out for her sharing these! 

❥ Places to Visit
This is one thing I am wanting to do more on my instagram, I love seeing where people have been. Whether its another country, the park or the cute cafe they've found. It is so interesting learning about different places and what is good to go to. I follow quite a few French bloggers, purely because I love seeing the little places they discover. Lucy does this effortlessly within her feed and I want to visit everywhere she goes! 

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I hate taking a photo of myself and looking at them, but we all do them, so why not just share them. I think its nice to see the person behind the account, which is why I'm obsessed with stories. It gives you a chance to see the real person and get to know them a bit better. It doesn't have to be all the time but, but every once in a while to just show people you are human. I love how Kate does this so well, she takes the most incredible photos anyway but her selfies add a bit of personality to her whole feed. 

❥ Flowers Are Always a Good Idea
When this time of year comes around it is so nice to be buying fresh blooms. My house is currently filled with a bunch in my room, one in the kitchen and this gorgeous bunch you can see pictured in the lounge. These are from none other than Home Bargains. I know, can you believe it! They have recently launched a online flower store, where you can purchase flowers for next day deliver at a very low price. They start from as little at £14.99, with a range of gorgeous bouquets that are perfect to gift to someone or even buy for yourself to brighten up the home. Posting a picture of flowers will get a lot attention or incorporate them into your everyday pictures/flat lays. I have used this one bunch to bulk photograph some pictures for the next month because they are just too pretty to waste. 

❥ Lifestyle
The best thing about instagram is that its a chance to share anything you like, this includes sharing lifestyle things. I always stick to beauty/fashion but like to mix it up occasionally with a bit of everything. Food is something I love seeing, and I have so many pictures saved to make when I have the energy. I think bath set ups are some of my favourite pictures to see as well, the ways people relax and enjoy themselves is just amazing to see. Emma, is a pretty new discovery for me on instagram but her mix of everything makes me love her feed.

Instagram might not be everyone's favourite at the moment but lets try and make it a platform full of postivity and support one another! I'm over at http://instagram.com/pariejoshi, let me know yours, if I am not already following you! Let spring take over your feed ❥

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