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As another month passes by (quickly as always) it is time to share products that I have been asboutely loving and using non stop. Some this month are basic tools, the items that I just can't live without on a daily basis, I feel like these are sometimes hidden away and not loved enough. March has disappeared infront of my eyes and I am hoping that I give April every love and attention it deserves before life gets busy again.               
march favourites

Nouveau Lashes Tweezers*//
These are the best I have ever come across, they're long but not too long, so they can be held with ease. They're also pointy and don't come to a bend unlike other tweezers, making it easier to pluck those hairs with a firm grip and apply lashes with ease as you have a real hold on them. I left these at home for a week when I went back to uni and nearly died because my life felt empty without them! Who thought, tweezers could make all the difference to life?

Beauty Blender //
Apologies for not cleaning this before taking photographs but this is my BB in its raw look. I love using a sponge to apply both my foundation and concealer, sometimes I wish I had two seperate ones for each job but this still does the job well. I adore the finish my foundation has when using a sponge compared to a brush, it looks so much more flawless and seemless. They are a bugger to clean, no matter what you do - did you catch the microwave trick on twitter the other week? I dare not try that just in case it goes wrong!

Minnie Headband //

I really haven't had this for very long so shouldn't really class it as a 'favourite' but I bought this in Topshop to wear when I wash my face/do my makeup and it is so handy. It keeps my hair out the way and doesn't interfere as a plain ponytail tends to still fall out. It also looks super cute! 

baked foundation

             Mineral makeup products aren't something I have really used before so when I started to use this foundation, I didn't quite know what to think. This baked foundation contains light refracting technology that adjusts the product to the persons skintone, whilst still been natural and lightweight.When I use this all over my skin looks a little too orange at first but then it does settle down to look just like my skin tone, it gives a light to medium coverage and is perfect for everyday wear. Instead of an all over foundation, I have actually been using it as a bronzer. The shade is perfecft to give my skin an all over bronze glow and I can't wait for some sunshine for this to really look incredible.             
winky lux review

Winky Lux are a brand that I first heard of through instagram and since trying these bits out, I have ordred myself some other things to try from them! The mini highlighter, might just be the cutest thing I have ever seen, the pocket size makes it perfect to fit in any handbag and great for travelling with as well. It might be small, but it packs quite the punch, you can see it in the swatch below that it is very pigmented and that is just with one swipe. I love using this in the inner corner as it really brightens my eye up as well as on my cheeck bones to give me some glowww! 
 Then we have the cutest little lip products which are Winky Lux Mini Lips ( £17 on ASOS), I am obsessed with these even though they look a lot like different coloured pills and having them loose in your handbag might not be the best idea but they are amazing. Each one is a different shade but perfect for all different occasions, they are very creamy to apply on the lips and very pigmented. I am in love with the red and browny nude (pictured below) as they are so gorgeous and unlike anything I already own! 

winky lux lipsticks


TV wise, I am in love with This is Us. It has just finished and it couldn't be more perfect, just everything is so beautiful. The Greatest Showman soundtrack is still the only thing I listen to, Rewrite the Stars is music to my ears and if you haven't seen the film then you need to like now!

What have you been loving this month?!


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