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Sal over at UmmBabyBeauty wrote a post a few weeks ago titled 'This or That'' and the concept behind it was genius and it inspired me to do my own take on the post. These are my current go to favourite makeup products that I adore with all my life and always find myself choosing between either one of the other, but there are a few differences that makes one better than the other - hence the title This or That! You might want to grab a cuppa or some snacks, this is one long post...                   
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oily skin primer drugstore

I used to be someone that only ever used to use a mattifying primer, my oily skin would only be kept at bay when using the Tea Tree Pore Minimser (£9), However, as time has gone on and the skincare products that I have started to incoprate into my skin the oily skin seems to be less of a problem and dry skin is now more of a concern for me. Due to this, I have been using the Primark Primer Water (£3), it hydrates my skin and helps my makeup to stay on my face. I am nearly out of this bottle and need to hunt down 4 more quickly before they decided to pull it. 

estee lauder vs maybelline

I am all about the full coverage base but need it to still look natural and not feel heavy and that is where I find myself floating between the Maybelline Superstay Foundation (£9.99) which is a gorgeous foundation to say that its from a drugstore brand. It isn't overly thick and doesn't feel heavy on the skin, I do find that it oxides slightly on me but nothing that a bit of blending can't fix. The staying power however isn't all that, after a few hours I have to blot and touch up whereas the Estee Lauder Double Wear (£30) doesn't budge. I have spoken about this a great deal on here and rightly so, it is heavy duty, long lasting and basically sticks onto the face. I love the coverage it gives and the finish is matte and beautiful.

tarte vs makeup revolution

I love rotating concealers and always have different ones to use on different days, they are definetely the product that make or break the entire look. For covering blemishes and redness I love using the Tarte Shape Tape (£22), it is high coverage without feeling thick or going cakey but the MUR Conceal and Define (£4) is just as good! The last few weeks, I have been using this cheaper alternative as opposed to the well loved Tarte concealer. It is a lot creamier and matches me just that little bit better. 

Under the eye concealer isn't something that I find myself decided between, I use both the KnowCosmetics Bye Bye and the Maybelline Eraser Eye under my eyes. One is a lot more illuminating than the other so it works brightening the inner corners up and the other conceals the darkness and makes me look more awake. 

best drugstore mascara

I wish I was one of these girls that could wear eye makeup everyday but I'm just not. I have a ridiculous collection of eyeshadows but just no time to use them or will power to sit their in the morning and apply them. Instead, I stick to good old mascara and find that this alone is enough for me on a everyday basis. If I am wanting length then I go for the Maybelline Colosall, the spread out bristles allow the product to coat each of my lashes and give me some length to the stumps that I have. If I am wanting volume and thickness then the Loreal Lash Paradise is my go to. It is a very clumpy formula but when applied onto my lashes I find that they look changed and so much better. 

bronzers for asian skin

Since having the Physicans Formula Butter Bronzer in my life I have been obsessed with it. It gives my skin a lovely bronzey glow without it looking too orange or muddy. I think it would look even prettier in the summer when my skin has a bit of colour to it and the sun shines on my face because they're are small specs of shimmer in this and they can only be seen when the sun hits you. 
The product that I have rekindled with is the Sleek Face Form Palette, I used to be obsessed with this about this time last year and then kind of forgot about it. When clearing up everything in my handbags, I found this stashed away inside and as you can see it has become very well loved once again. I find it hard to hit pan on bronzers but this is just too good to miss and not use. I love how it makes my cheeks look chissled and contoured. 

mac whisper of guilt vs soft and gentle

There is no tougher choice than picking what highlighter to wear, I find dipping in and out of different ones because I am so indeciseve but MAC seem to be stealing my heart at the moment. Soft and Gentle has been my true love for many years and the product that got me addicted to the glow, it adds some serious shimmer to the face and the almost dimensional shades blend out to a stunning pinky highlight. Whereas Whisper of Guilt, is a lot mroe gold base and looks more natural yet pretty on the skin. I think I prefer this a little more because of the finer shimmer that runs through it compared to Soft and Gentle. 
everyday makeup this or that

Liquid lipsticks are the only thing I love to wear on a daily basis, they last on the lips and feel so lightweight compared to a traditional lipstick. The INC.redicle range is pretty new and a off spring from Nails Inc, if my googling has been right. I bought a liquid lipstick from them on a whim to see what the brand is like and I have to say it is very pretty. Not the best formula as it can feel like you're dragging it along your lips but the colour is very pretty and it lasts very well on the lips. But I find myself using the Kat VonD Lolita just that little bit more. The shades are practically the same but KVD lippies are just that little bit more creamier and feel nicer to apply and wear. 

Doing this post has made me realise that I have doubles of basically everything and need to stop buying anything that is already like any of these products. Do you find yourself choosing between some of the same products on a daily basis? 


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