Easy Ways To Celebrate Galentines Day

14th February, Valentines Day but today (13th) is Galentines day and I am all for this. I am not one for V-Day, the chocolates, flowers and soppy cards don't really appeal to me (probably because I don't have a significant other) but G-Day is something that I can defintetly get on board with and will be doing this week - yes, I am extending the day to week, why not! I know that the big day is tomorrow, but these things can be done the next day, the day after or even in a few months time. They are just lovely things to do with your best gal pals.                  
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Grab A Bite To Eat

There is no better way to catch up with people than over some food and drinks, I love discovering new places with my friends - Wagamama's was the latest discovery and now I am obsessed. Breakfast/Brunch is also always a good idea, find the cafe's that are small, cute and oh so instagramable because we have to do it all for the gram right?

Have A Movie Night

There are two options for this one, you could go to the cinema and eat your body weight in popcorn and drink tango ice blasts of have a cosy movie night at home. Tell everyone to bring some snacks, make some drinks and you are good to go. I love watching classic rom-coms on nights like this, anything that is going to make me laugh or even cry is ideal.

Have A Good Ol' Pamper

I can't think of anything better than having a spa day, either going somewhere so that you all can be treated like royalty or doing it at someones house with homemade face masks, manicures and pedicures, lots of chocolate and a good giggle. This sounds so good, I might have to arrange a night like this very soon!
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Have Some Me Time

If you can't find anyone that is free why not just have a day to yourself, some self care and love never goes a miss. Have a takeout, watch films, do your nails and listen to some amazing music. I've recently rediscovered so many old songs from way back when and I am obsessed with finding more 'throwback' songs, like JLS for example - they produced some incredible songs and I am not ashamed to say that I know every single word. 

Get In Touch

It doesn't really matter if no one is available to meet up, life is so busy for everyone during the week. Just a simple facetime or text will defintetly cheer someone up. Have a long conversation about the past or have some me time together through facetime, I have done this recently and it is so much fun! We synced our movie at the same time and it was such a cool evening. 

Cooking Day

One thing that I really want to do with a group of friends is a cooking day, I want to get everyone round and have lots of different ingredients to make different things. Pizzas - how cute would that be! Cupcakes, because everyone loves sugar and then some fancy drinks too. I think it would be so much fun and a great opportunity to take lots of pictures for the memory book.


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Have you any plans for Galentines/Valentines day? p.s how incredible are these photos that Laura shot from our last shoot together.

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