Not So Secret Santa Round 2.0 With Nishi

Through blogging I have met some amazing people, other bloggers that I consider close friends, regardless of me not meeting them in real life - it feels like I've known them years! Nishi from NishiV is one of those people. We've never actually met face to face (although I am determined for this to happen in 2018) but it feels like we have and have known each other for a long time. This year, we bought back our 'Not So Secret Santa', where we set a budget and do a swap of presents. Buying for Nishi is SO MUCH FUN. I just know that anything I like/may suit my skin tone ect will be perfect for her, sometimes making me wanting to buy two of the same things... When her parcel arrived for me, I was super excited to get it all opened and see what's inside. Let's just say she has completely spoilt me and I am in love with everything!!! 

secret santa

christmas 2017

Nishi has given me the chance to try so many brands that I have never used before. The first things I opened include this eos hand lotion which has been in my handbag ever since I have had it. It comes in handy when you need to sanitise your hands or if they are feeling rather dry. Then there are two L.A.Colours Lip Glosses, another brand that I haven't really explored much but hope to this year. These both smell amazing and the shades are perfect for the summer. The coral colour is sheer but still noticeable and the other is an almost lip topper. Neither of these are sticky or drag across the lips. Then there is also a ELF lip gloss, I have not stopped using this. I am loving glossy lips at the moment and this on those no makeup, makeup days is perfect. Its a my lips but better shade and is so comfortable to wear. Another ELF goody is this blush, I am so bad when it comes to applying both blush and bronzer but this shade makes it quite easy to wear both as it is light and subtle. Almost like a bronzer and highlighter in one. I need to go to Superdrug pretty soon and pick up more ELF products - they have some amazing things. 

what I got for christmas

When I opened the next few presents, I let out a slight scream and said to myself 'this girl is crazy'. She very kindly gifted me the Urban Decay Liquid Lipstick in 714, this is my perfect red shade. Its very bright and bold but so pretty. I love how pigmented this is, with just one swipe you are good to go and the flexible dofer applicator works so well in applying. It feels very lightweight on the lips and I would say lasts about 6 hours but it does need a top up after this as it starts to break away. It has now made me want to try the more nude shades from their range! 

Next up are the cutest things ever!! These are from Bite Beauty, who I have heard quite a few things about through the world of Youtube. They are known for their creamy and very pigmented formula. These two are in the shade Cashew and Papaya, at first I thought they were lipsticks but in fact they are multisticks. Meaning that they can be used on the lips, eyes and cheeks as they are a cream to powder finish. I've used Papaya on my eyes as a base shadow and it worked as well as the MAC paint pots do, yet to experiment with the others. 

Another little scream was let ou when I spotted the ABH mini brow kit. Its a little travel kit to keep the brows in check no matter what the case. The brow gel which I am so excited to use along with a pencil which is my perfect shade match. Pretty much what suits Nishi suits me and vice verse! Then there's the cutest pair of mini tweezers which now have a permanent place in my handbag because they come in handy for so many things! I used a pair the other day to get a splinter out of my foot. Always useful. 

christmas haul

Why are mini sets so damn cute. They are so easy to use, helps you try something before you buy and a great value of money. The mini Tarte set is going to be getting a lot of use out of it, I haven't really used it yet as I want to take photos of it #bloggerproblems. But it contains a mini mascara, lipstick and blush which are all products that I haven't tried from Tarte before so I am very excited. In one of Nishi's U.S vlogs she mentioned that her lips had been really dry and the Laneige lip mask helped her a great deal. I tried this a few years back and remember being obsessed with it, this cute little duo contains the lip mask and the water sleeping mask which claims to hydrate and noursish the skin instantly over night. Why do Sephora/America have such better gift sets than we do here? Nishi's black friday haul made me so jealous! 

what i got for christmas 2017

I am so overwhelmed and thankful for all these lovely gifts. Nishi knows me better than my some of my own friends I swear! She has completely spoilt me and these goodies are going to keep me going for a very long time, so thank you soo much Nishi!! Be sure to check her out on all social media's going, I stalk her on everything so feel free to do the same!

Snapchat: Nishi.V (my personal favourite!)

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