Long Lasting Everyday Makeup

There is one thing that I aim to get out of my everyday makeup, it needs to be a) long lasting b) look full coverage to an extent c) control oil and shine and d) be comfortable to wear and not heavy. I have been wearing the exact same face for a while now and I thought about sharing it on here to talk you through how I achieve a long lasting, flawless face - this whole looks takes me no more than 10 minutes on a good day and 20 minutes on a bad! We all faff a little in the morning - the best thing about this look is that I can apply it at 7 in the morning and it will still be intact at around 7 at night. 
long lasting everyday makeup

estee lauder long lasting oily skin

I start out my spritzing the P.S by Primark Primer Water all over my skin. This is a hydrating primer which is completely new for me, I am usually someone who uses the 'pore minimiser, oil controlling' ones but this one is incredible and works so well with my combination to oily skin type. It works with every single foundation that I own and in this makeup sandwich it performs incredibly well. For foundation is it my newly discovered love Estee Lauder Double Wear. I tried and loved this foundation back at the start of last year and then when it finished, I didn't go back to it as I found others that worked well for me. Since starting placement, I have wanted something that I can guarantee will last on me and look good and this does just that. I need two even, thin layers on my face for it to look flawless and not cakey. I swear that the coverage gets better as the day goes on - for high end foundations this is one of my favourites. Since discovering the MUR Concealer (read more here) I have become obsessed with it and will not use anything else. I apply this under my eyes, on any blemishes, redness - anything that it peeking through on my face. It covers it all and doesn't budge during the day. I set all of this with the Rimmel Stay Matte, this is the only powder that I use/have ever used. It works as the perfect product to set both of these products and makes my skin look flawless.

My friend Aamira went to the US recently and she very kindly bought me some stuff back and these next two products are them and they are some amazing goodies. The first is the very talked about Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer, believe the hype over these everyone - it is incredible. It smells of the beach, coconuts and all the sweet things and applies just like butter. It gives my skin some warmth and a lovely bronze glow to it, without making me look ashy and too warm which is a real problem for my skin as I am lighter on my face than body. I need more of these!!! Then for highlight, I have been using nothing but the Maybelline Master Chrome, these have launched in the UK now - I saw them in my local Superdrug the other week, if you see them, then buy them. I only apply a light little dusting on my cheeks otherwise it looks way too much, but the shade is gorgeous and gives such a glow! It is also at this point that I set my face with the UD All Nighter Spray, it does exactly what it says on the tin and pretty well too. I love spraying this and then fanning myself like crazy to make sure it sets and this is the final piece in the sandwich so it all sets and looks amazing on my skin. It calms any cakey stuff that might happen later on and nothing moves.

I keep everything else quite simple and easy because I have not got the time for a full makeup look. For my eyes I apply a quick layer of mascara which makes me look more awake and alive, nothing too much as I tend to rub my eyes a great deal - such a bad habit! Then on the lips it is whatever I see in the morning and think will look nice, if not then I keep a pairing in my handbag ready to apply on the bus. The Rimmel lipsticks are so moisturising and then added with a lipgloss on top it looks incredible and creates a gorgeous nude lip.

Such a long winded post but I just needed to share how I create a long lasting and pretty much flawless face without much hassle or in my opinion many products!


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