A Healthy Start to the New Year

I am one of those people who loves setting new years resolutions, they give me a goal to work towards and about 80% of the time I stick to them and follow through. A few years ago, I set myself the challenge of not eating chocolate and I did it - the toughest 365 days of my life but I did it. Other resolutions have included passing my exams (so cliche), getting fit, personal life goals. Some of my friends have got resolutions such as losing weight or wanting to move out and to do this they have sell up their previous property. Selling Houses Fast sounds like a complicated process but as always there are simple ways around it.

One of my more personal goals this year is to look after my body inside to out, doing little changes to make myself feel better and hopefully more refreshed. These are some of the things I am hoping to do this year:      
eye health for the new year

* I need to start taking more computer breaks, my eyes are so bad and my prescription just keeps going up and up and the biggest issue is the amount of time I look at a screen. I want to start taking about 10 minutes away from a screen every 20 minutes I have spent looking at a screen. 

*My diet also needs some slight adjustments to it as well, nothing really drastic just a little healthier to help my skin and eyes from the inside out. This includes eating more greens, citrus fruits and foods that are rich in zinc - which I have read is amazing for the body, skin and eyes! I have also started back on the smoothies for breakfast, they fill me up for hours and are packed with so much nutrients. 

*Ignorance is my biggest flaw when it comes to my health, I try to ignore a problem and then it gets really bad - oops. My eyes are something that are always ignored and I know that a lot of people ignore them as well. But don't! Start the new year looking after your eyes and stick to it. If they get itchy, red or sore then deal with the problem. Keeping a pair of eye drops on hand always help to cure the problem and they really aren't as hard to put drop in! You can read some top tips about how to use them over on the Vision Direct website. 

* This is also the best time to go through your makeup and have a declutter. Bin the products that you haven't used in such a long time, break you out or that you don't use anymore. No need to keep these in your collection as they are going to do some sort of damage to the skin. Remember that all makeup has an expiry date on. 

*2018 will be the year that I stop being so lazy when it comes to travelling or doing something. I am determined to walk a lot more and having a handy app on my phone that tracks my exercise everyday is so much better than just guessing. It tells me steps, allows me to input water intake and reminds me to do some light hearted exercise everyday. 

By doing little things like this I hope that 2018 is a year of a new healthy me, one that can walk up the hill that I live on without sweating her armpits off! 

*collaborative post

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