Recharging Overnight with Benenox

Sleep. One thing as a race we say we need more of but never seem to have enough. With assigment deadlines, presenations to plan and working 9-5 twice a week, I never have enough sleep. Every night I say to myself, 9.30, I will be in bed or even sleep... next thing I know its 11.30 and I am yawning away only just getting my makeup off. I've been taking a little bit of the Benenox overnight recharge for the past week and a half and am ready to share with you all! 

What is the Benenox overnight recharge? 
This is the exact same question I asked and my parents, who have also been testing this out with me. It's a fuel for the mind that helps those who struggle with low energy, concentration levels and disruptions during the night. If this sounds like you, then I urge you to keep on reading..

Benenox comes in two different flavours, Lemon & Ginger and Blackcurrant - my personal favourite. This isn't a like a sleeping tablet. It is a supplement that focuses on the energy supply that is stored and produced in the liver. The specific ingredients, help to give you a more peaceful sleep and feel better within a few hours, no matter what. 

What's inside? 

The main three ingreeients are as follows; honey, sustamine and vitamin b6. Each of these work together to help achieve a better nights sleep. 

Vitamin B6 helps to reduce signs of tiredness and fatigue, by giving a incredible boost of energy. Sustamine is a ingredient that helps to slow down the process of digestion, this allows the liver to store more glycogen - energy in the body. Then there's honey, which has a whole host of benefits to it, the main one being it being amazing for general health and energy levels the next day. 

Benenox Review

I was very kindly sent a tracker to keep a track of each of my two week trial, it was like filling in a journal everyday and then looking back to see my progress. I trialled one week without Benenox to see what I slept like, felt like throughout the day and what I relied on when it comes to drink. The whole week was basically, more cups of coffee than water, feeling very tired and groggy all day and of course not being able to keep focused. I just think this is me all the time, no matter what the agenda is. 
The second week, I started to take 15ml of Benenox everynight before bed. I take it after my skincare routine to make it easier. It is also possible to mix some in hot water to make a drink, the blackcurrant one is amazing for this, its like drinking hot vimto! I then tracked the next week drinking this every night and have been pleasnalty surprised. The first day I didn't really think anything of it, still felt the same. The next three days were different, I had the best nights sleep, started to nod off at around 10pm and woke up at 7pm feeling incredible and well refreshed. I couldn't think of anything else apart from taking Benenox for me feeling like this, after 1 week my diary is literally smiley face every single day. I wanted to see whether this was the cure for a good nights sleep or not, so I didn't have it on Monday night that has just gone. Tuesday was a struggle, I did not want to get up nor did I feel alert throughout the day - couldn't believe that my whole sleeping regime has changed because of 15ml of this!! 

If you are someone who struggles with sleeping through the night/energy levels during the day then this one is for you. Find out more here, buy on Amazon for less than £10. 

What are your tips and tricks to fall asleep? x
Benenox was sent to me for review purposes, all opinions are my own and honest

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