Everyday Makeup

My current makeup storage is a thin cabinet outside my room, which means that all my makeup isn't where I get ready. It has taken me some time to get used to it, but now I have a little section on top of my chest of draws that hoards the makeup that I wear everyday. It doesn't really change on a day to basis, other than the occasional switch up of lip colour and addition of eye makeup if I can be bothered. I give myself about 20 minutes in the morning to do my makeup and hair, so this is what I love to use. 

Primer/Serum Combo - At the moment I have been loving using the SkinKissed Serum*, it was mentioned briefly in my skincare post the other week, I have found this helps with hyperpigmentation and controlling oil. Applying this then the Glossier Priming Moisturizer* works a treat for a long day. My dehyrated yet oil skin (what a combination) loves it and helps my base to last and apply. As you can see the Max Factor Foundation is very well loved. Just this weekend I started my second bottle, finishing a foundation is so rare for me - with my skin changing constantly but this one I am in love with. It gives me enough coverage for everyday, lasts throughout the day and keeps oil at bay when set with the trustee Rimmel Stay Matte. This whole base combo along with the Colourpop Concealer, which I am running low on :( and the NYX HD concealer to cover eye circles is a match made in makeup heaven. Covering all my imperfections, lasting through everything and controlling shine. 

Then it is on to the rest of the face, for bronzer I love using this one from Colourpop. It does the job at warming my face up and not looking too ashy. I am slightly obessed with pairing liquid and powder highlight together, the MUR liquid ones* are incredible, not that I have naything to compare them with but from the two that I have tried I love them. Then the Fenty Beauty Duo is for days when I fancy more of a 'look at my glow' look, the liquid on its own is gorgeous for subtle everyday look, but adding the powder makes it stand out so much more. In the morning, I tend to use the Hollywood Browzer* on my brows. I get them threaded and to keep them looking tidy, I use this every week or so to trim and looking just as perfect. The Browzer does not hurt, it is essentially a razor for the smaller parts of your face that are hard to do e.g. brows, upper lip, chin. I use this on my brows and upper lip to get rid of excess hair as well as recently using it on my legs to get rid of the slight stubble that grows back after waxing. It is pain free, easy to use and in the long run so much easier to use inbetween appointments for hair removal. For lip, it depends what mood I am in. Sometimes, I love a good old nude like the Kat VonD Lolita, but then I love a bold red or burgundy too! 

What does your everyday makeup look like? xoxo


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