A Smile for Christmas with Janina

No word of a lie, I love to smile. Not only does it fill the room with love, laughing burns calories and it just puts other people at ease espcially if you don't know them. This festive season I have teamed with Janina, to share my tips on how to get a whiter smile in the comfort of your own home without harming or abusing your teeth. It is so easy to fall for the ads that claim to give you white teeth but just do more harm then good.              

What I adore about this toothpaste is that is gives you white teeth at the same time as preventing decay, plaque and giving your gums protection. This very low abrasion formula contains a magical ingredient 'Bromaine Complex' which is built up of natural enzymes (pineapple and papaya) that aids in whitening the teeth without being harsh on the mouth. I have been using this over a month now morning and night to see how it works. At first, the difference wasn't apparent to me but then after a few days on consisent use I realised that infact my teeth looked so much better. I don't have disgusting teeth, nor do I have perfect ones but this has helped them an incredible amount. It smells very minty fresh and does the job perfectly. 

I have also started being really careful with toothpaste, as many break me out around my lips due to god knows what, but this *touch wood* hasn't broken me out or irriated my mouth area in anyway. 

I know people that spend a fortune on getting their teeth professionaly whitened by either a dentist or a at home kit. Janina's kit might not be the cheapest, but probably a lot better than many others out there. In the past I have tried the whitening strips that celebs promote on instagram but the effects of them wear away and make your teeth feel horrible. These trays look very scary at first but after a bit of practice they deliver results that you will be left speechless at. In the set you recieve 10 pre-filled trays to use over a five day period, I have been using these on and off when I have somewhere to go rather than everyday, as the toothpaste has been its job very well. The one size fits all trays are not uncomfortable at all, they sit nicely on the teeth and the 35 minutes you keep them in for goes by quickly. Almost immediatley after removing you can see the impact of them, to the point where your teeth go whiter by at least a few shades. If you can't tell the difference, then other people around you defienetly will. I love using these for an evening event and for the parties that I have coming up next month, they will just make me stand out! 

Both of these whitening products are amazing, safe to use and deliever the results that they claim. There aren't many products out there that can do these. 

In Boots at the moment, Janina have 1/3 off until 29th December. Why not implement these super easy steps over the Christmas period and achieve that whiter smiler! 

*post in collaboration with Janina, photos by Laura Hayley

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