Cheryl x L'Oreal Lip Kits

I am a huge fan of Cheryl, since her days in Girls Aloud, I haven't been able to get enough of her. I love everything she does and when I heard that she was bringing out some new products with L'oreal, they had to be mine. In the past, she has bought out a lipstick with them and been the face of their campagings but this is the first collaboration where she has launched more products. The ranges include, two eye paints (not for me personally) and then three lip kits. There are lip paints and pencils included in the kit and in the shades, burgundy, greige and peach. I got my hands on the two that scream autumn to me and will suit my skintone more. 
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All the kits retail for £9.99, which for two products in one isn't bad at all. They are also full sized, unlike other brands that do kits that include only mini products. £1 from each sale of the lip kits, go to Cheryl's Trust, which is her foundation based charity. In the collection there are three different shades, Griege, Burgundy and Peach.

Lip Liners (retail at £5.99 each)// I haven't fallen in love with lip liners as quick as I have with these. The fine tip makes it easy to line the lips and fill in with ease. They have such a creamy and easy to work formula that you need a small bit to cover the entire lips. As they are so pigmented, I have found that I need to use less of the lip paint. The burgundy lip liner is incredible with other products too, the other day I used it with a Colourpop lippie stick and it worked just as well. The Greige liner is little harder to pair with other shades but with MAC's Velvet Teddy it works really well as it makes it appear darker.

Matte Lip Paints (retail at £6.99)// These are already a permanent fixture within L'Oreal stands, can't say they have caught my eye before this occasion but I think I may have to have more of a look next time I am in store. They are an almost hydrid formula of a liquid lipstick, like a liquid but very creamy. Dare I say it, not really a liquid lipstick more of a lip cream. It has the gorgeous pigment that a lipstick would have but a texture that in my opinion is too creamy to be called a liquid lip. They come in a squeeze tube, at first glance I thought they would have a squezzy applicator (does that even make sense?) but it has a dofer foot - revolutionary! When I did the first dip to swatch on my hand it was very hard to pick up colour, so I had to go back in and give it a good tug to get it out. This is slightly worrying as I am hope that it doesn't dry out so soon. On the lips it was a different story, I applied them with no issues with streaking or lack of pigmentation. Greige was harder to apply as the liner has pretty much covered my lips, Burgundy was easy to apply. The swatches above are just with ONE COAT, HOW? I was so shocked at this, couldn't believe that I didn't have to do a double layer. On their own without any liner, these are just as nice and comfortable to wear. The creamier formula, almost hugs my lips and makes it easy to wear such a bold lip, there is transfer when I eat/drink a cuppa. It doesn't go patchy throughout the day or dry, which is a plus if you have a long day/event to attend.

Overall, I am very impressed. I think Cheryl mixed the colours for this line herself in the labs and you can tell as they are have a slight difference to them compared to other colours you would normally find in the drugstore. So glad that I picked these too up because they are gorgeous and I hope to get a lot of wear out of them in the next few months.


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