Making the Most of Summer

Even though I love everything that comes with Autumn, nothing can beat the clothes in summer. Floral prints, dresses and skirts - it is all my favourite and even now as we come into September I am still living and breathing in my summer wardrobe and hope to drag it out as long as possible. Last bank holiday weekend, I went to Germany for a short city break. Packing for this was really difficult as I don't know what quite to expect, but one fail safe option that came with me was a maxi dress.

maxi dress in winter

Maxi dresses have become popular to wear not only in the evenings but also everyday too. From a night out in the city to the beach as a cover up, they are so easy to wear and style. The main benefit of this trend is that a max dress, without a doubt looks very feminine and classy. Take this maxi dress from Very for example, it couldn't be anymore perfect. 
Wallis Maxi Dress

maxi dress tall girls

maxi dress very

The dress has a chevron pattern going all the way down and this is a creative pattern that can spice up any summer look. The widening of the stripes might seem daunting at first as it is quite eye catching but it means you don't have to put much effort into styling it up. I've kept it very simple as the dress is the main attraction. Majority of my wardrobe is monochrome and no matter how hard I try to adjust, I always come back to it and this is the main reason why I love this dress. The chevron is monochrome, but then you have a pop of orange going through that just makes the dress stand out even more. It isn't a neon orange either, so very flattering on everyone. 

The tan wedges are actually from George at Asda a few years back, they lace up and work perfectly with this maxi and so many more outfits in my wardrobe. They are also very, very comfortable to wear even after walking around for the whole day. I wish that I had a denim jacket to pair with it as that would look perfect, but a leather jacket looks just as good and is the perfect way to style the dress up for the evening. Adding a jacket and some boots would also work really well in the winter, making sure the dress isn't hung up and worn well! 

I haven't stopped wearing this dress since having it in my wardrobe and so many compliments on it too! 

*in collaboration with Very

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