Epibrow Ultimate Lash Serum - Does it Work?

Thick, strong and healthy eyelashes are eyeryone’s dream right? I am very lucky that I have reasonable eyebrows that are thick and natural. But when it comes to my eyelashes it is a different story completely. I have eyelashes but very they are stumpy and short. I've always read about DIY remedies on ways that you can improve them but the wimp inside of me never tries any. 

About a month ago, I was sent a lash serum from Epibrow. Epibrow is a company that trains people in applying semi-permanent lashes and use the technology of micro blading. Recently they developed a product to help with eyelash hair for healthier look.                               

do lash serums work

Ultimate Lash serum (£55) comes in a mascara kind of bottle with very thin brush for precise application. The consistency is very watery and absorbs quickly in skin. There isn't a fragrance, so even the sensitive eyes will like it. This is the very last product that I apply before going to sleep, right on the start of my lashes and the tip of the brush helps to apply a tiny amount at a time. At first, I found it hard to get to the root of my lashes but after a few days of practising it was a lot easier. 

I have been using this serum for more than month now and have noticed some changes. I had to take a few days break as hay fever was making my eyes go crazy, for days I couldn't wear anything on my eyes or use anything. Nonetheless, my lashes now feel stronger and look a lot healthier. I've found that even though the length of my lashes hasn't changed very much the thickness definitely has. I have actual lashes, that you can see under my glasses. Whereas before, I looked a bit naked. There are days now, where I wear eye makeup and no mascara, because my lashes on their own do all the work for me. 
Epibrow Lash Serum
lash serum results

epibrow lash serum review

I didn't really see a difference after two weeks of consistent use, it was as we got into the third that there was a noticeable difference. I have now carried on using this and will do until it runs out. Everything about this product is great if  you are looking at improving the health of your lashes without the need to have some form of treatment done. This retails a £55 which isn't the cheapest price for a serum that may or may not work, so it really is an investment. I think when it comes to the end of my bottle, I will have to really think about whether or not to buy another bottle - it depends on whether or not the results last. p.s the highlight is Colourpop Lunch Money ❤❤

*PR Sample, All opinions are my own

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