5 Wearable Autumn Lip Colours

Every year I love switching up lipsticks for the autumn/winter season.It isn't really the time to wear bright pinks, but is the perfect time to wear more brown tones nudes and of course berry colours. There are so many out there that people love and that I love, in this post I am sharing with you my top five. These include different formula's, depending on which you prefer and shades that are on trend as well as easy to wear. Nothing like wearing a bold lip and it coming off half way through the day! 
autumn lip colours for everyone

Kat VonD Lolita 
My friend Nicole bought me this for my birthday and since receiving it a few weeks back, I am obsessed. The hype around Kat VonD liquid lipsticks and this shade is huge, it wasn't until trying it for myself that I realised this. KVD is now available to buy in the UK, if you live in the Leeds or even Liverpool area, then there are counters in the city centre branches. One brand that I think is worth looking at first hand, rather than buying on line. Lolita is the perfect terracotta almost rosey brown shade that goes with everything and anything. It goes on thin and needs some layering to get an even result but even with the layers it never feels heavy or dry on the lips. It feels light and as though there is nothing on the lips. I love using this to over line my lips too, the colour is so natural and the doefoot applicator helps to apply it precisely. 

 Urban Decay Hex*
Urban Decay, can do no wrong in my eyes. Everything I have ever tried from them is incredible and this lipstick doesn't disappoint. The Vice lipsticks come in a range of different formula's and shades, Hex is a part of the satin range. These are SO pigmented, it applies on the lips without dragging which is down to the conditioning formula. It contains aloe vera and different vitamins, making it easier to wear as it is soft and lightweight. It is a deep red shade that will look perfect this season! 

MAC Whirl & MAC Velvet Teddy
MAC lipsticks always come out in the Autumn as they are known for that brown toned nude (props to Kylie Jenner), I've paired them together as they are ever so slightly similar but still different. Velvet Teddy is a new addition to my collection, it has more of a pink undertone compared to Whirl which is more brown. They both have a warm undertone and both look amazing with a pink lip liner or brown. I love the formula of these too, to say they are matte, they do not dry out on the lips or flake throughout the day. I have been applying both of these to my lips lately and the combination is perfect, it is my perfect nude.

The Body Shop Oaska Plum*
If you are wanting a matte berry lipstick, then The Body Shop is the place to go. They have a whole variety of berry toned products, from liquid formula's to lip glosses. Oaska Plum is a stunning shade that looks good on everyone. It has a very cool undertone, so on the lips it compliments everyone no matter what skin tone you are. It is quite drying, so lip balm before applying is needed but the staying power is incredible. It doesn't bleed like other dark shades do either.

easy autumn lips
As you can see, these five lipsticks are so easy to wear! They take only one swipe on the lip and last nearly all day without feeling heavy or uncomfortable.

What is your go to lipstick at this time of year? I think I need a new one....   

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