The Final Countdown

This blog has been through my entire education with me, well the important parts anyway. I started it when I was just beginning GCSE's and now I am still going with one year left at university. ONE YEAR, it was absolutely flown by, everyone did tell me this but I didn't believe them at all. In the past two years I have learnt so much about living on my own, managing finances, myself and of course my degree. As I come into my final year and lss than a month until I move back, it seems appropriate to take about the essentials for anyone starting this year. Everything from cutlery to bedding, I have you covered. 

TJ HUGHES back to uni

Here is a little peek into my room, we moved house this year as there is now four not five of us. Which is such a shame, because we were all such good friends but nonetheless, a new house means new memories. 
To tell you the truth, this years house is so much better! We had a lot of problems with damp and mould last year, so it will be nice to be in a house that is clean and wam this year. We've defintely upgraded too, having a dining table, seperate kitchen with a large fridge-freezer and the most exciting part - double beds! I have never had a double bed so that in itself is very eciting for me and I can't wait to just be comfy and spread out. My room is long and narrow, compared to the other girls who have wide rooms. This doesn't bother me at all, I am excited to see how I can make it my own. I road tripped up with my parents a few weeks ago to set everything up in my room, it isn't finished or all done but for now it is perfect. 

floral bedding double bed

On the very generous sized double bed, I have the softest duvet, fluffy pillows and stunning floral bedding that are all from the TJ Hughes Back to Uni range. If you are starting university this year or even going back, then their site is the site is the place to go. They have everything from pots and pans, which I would highly recommend buying instead of sharing with others. To the cutest fairy lights to make your room cosy. Please excuse the creases in the bedding, little miss over hear didn't bother doing anything because it was so pretty! Creases aside, this duvet design is perfect for my room, it makes it look bigger almost and very bright. 

The pillows are from SlientNight and even though I haven't physically slept in the bed yet, these are absolutely amazing. I used them in the car journey up and my head felt like it was on clouds - very excited! The two cream pillows are from home that I have borrowed for now until I find some pink ones - I think Primark have some in. I also think, that a throw is needed on such a big bed, do you think pink or cream?! 

bedside table organisation

I have a little bedside table next to me, at the moment it is very bare with some articifal peonies and a lamp. Once I move in, I am hoping to buy a little trinket dish and some real flowers to make the room more alive along with a autumnal candle, because it is nearly time for those spicy scents! 

university furniture

ikea desk

I couldn't really take a full room shot as it is still quite messy, but when you walk through the door, the bed it straight in front with a large window facing you. Behind the door is the wardrobe and then a chest of draws. These drawers are like no others, the first section opens up out to reveal a desk which has been perfect to store all my stationery. I love how it is hiding everything! Underneath that section lives my jumpers and spare food ( I always have a snack draw!). 

makeup storage small room

This is where the tricky part comes, makeup and beauty storage. Last year I had more room to store everything outside on display. This year, things are a little different. As my room is so narrow, there isn't much room for furniture inside the room apart from what is already in. Outside in the hallway, now lives a small, thin wardrobe with several shelves and a bookcase. The bookcase is currently empty as I don't know what to do with it, I think my shoes will be living there along with folders.In the small cupboard however, we have all my beauty products. The first section fits the acrylic cube in perfectly, the second shelf is holding all hair tools and then skincare is in the third. I am hoping that this way of organising works for me, it may take a while to adjust but everything is put away. There are still shelves at the bottom for who knows what, once I have moved in, it will be a lot easier to move things around and see what works for me. 

Moving house is such a chore but everything is finished now, just need to move in! So excited to see what this year has to bring,probably going to be a stressful and emotional one but perseverance is key! 
I still need help with what to put on my bedise and how to make it more cosy, please do let me know! 

*in collaboration with TJ Hughes

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