Being a Girlboss

 There's a line if Stormzy's part in Power by Little Mix that really catches me every time, he says that you can be a woman and a boss and wear the trousers, at the same time. At first I didn't really think about it much but when you hear it over and over again as a super fan of the group you actually start to listen to the words and it made me realise that what he is saying is the truth. Let's take the term girl boss for example, a word that has being coined to describe someone who has dreams, are the boss of their own life and are true to themselves. It is a term that I love and admire. To be a girl boss you have to feel like one and for me that comes down to my surroundings and look. 
being a girl boss

quotes wall
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As far as surroundings goes, my bedroom is my home and the place where all the girl boss ideas and inspiration comes from. At the moment my room is a mess, there's a sort of beauty area going on and then a sort of office area and then sleeping area. The dream would be to have my office and bedroom separate, so there would be a place for me to relax and then a place for me to create and get creative. Of course I would need to win the lottery but the place you are in, I think makes a huge difference in your motivation levels. As always, pinterest is my go to place for inspiration and I've found some incredible things. The decor would be very simple but so blogger. One wall would be covered in a glitter wallpaper and then on this wall would be a range of different quotes, each one would be inspirational and give me all the girl boss vibes. I love a good quote, my favourite at the moment is 'do small things with great love' it makes me feel all fuzzy inside. 
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I'd keep things pretty simple accessories wise too, as too much can look a bit crazy and you want to be able to work in a place that is organised and tidy. I love the idea of doing lots of DIY, having labels on everything, recycling old storage and a good old trip to IKEA. 
bifold door

To be really motivated all the time, I need this girl boss area to have lots of light and be airy to avoid feeling like I am trapped inside. Positioning my work space near a large window would be perfect but in the long term, I'd love large bi-fold doors like these from Quickslide - this would allow natural light to come into the room which is great for photography and working during the day. Having a large, glass door means that I am allowing light to come in which brings so many benefits, it can turn the gloomiest of days into a day full of optimism. The sun has an ability to create an environment that is productive and driven, we get told at university that it is important for children to get be exposed to natural light through the classroom as they can benefit from the exposure and to get them outside as it gives them a chance to be free

This room would be my place to escape and work hard to achieve those dreams because if you can't stop thinking about it then you should never stop working for it. Blogging is one of those things, I've gone through a patch where I haven't been happy with anything that I am producing on here and on instagram. It has taken me a good few weeks to get the motivation back but it is HERE and I think to stay. WE CAN DO THIS! 

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