The Birthday Face

 This was a very impromtu post, I didn't think that my birthday would include any going out plans due to being in work all day but in the evening my flat mate and I, ended up going out for some food. So, I took that as an opportunity to doll myself up and look presentable. Its been a while since I've worn a full face of makeup with lashes and everything - it was very exciting! Thank you to everyone who wished me on tuesday, I was so overwhelmed and overjoyed.                                    
the birthday face

My base was from the morning and doesn't really change much, its a killing combination of Estee Lauder Double Wear which can I just say is the B.E.S.T foundation I have ever come across. It covers everything, lasts all day - I'm wearing it for almost 12 hours and makes my skin look flawless. Then for concealer is Tarte Shape Tape on any redness and scars that are popping through, then Maybelline Earser Eye under the eyes to cover the lack of sleep from the night before. Its safe to say that my dark circles are now a part of my face.

I've been full on obsessed with the Maybelline Master Bronze Palette, the bronze shade on the very right is my favourite to bronze up my skin. It isn't as orange based as the others and turns matte when applied to the skin, glitter bronzers aren't my favourite so I was hesitant to use this palette but its just glitter on the top layer. If you can't wear blinding highlighter on your birthday then when can you? I had MAC Soft & Gentle on in the morning and even though it was slightly still there at the end of the day, I added 143 from ABH to emphasis that glow. It might just become my favourite combination to wear for an evening. 
makeup for oily skin

I reapplied the Maybelline Big Shot Mascara, which surprisngly reapplied really well. Sometime mascara gets stuck to your lashes and it doesn't allow you to top up but this one was very easy to go over and re touch. The Tate Maneater palette is just so easy to wear, the shades are already matched up and apply like a dream. So I took a mixture of all the shades and created a sort of brown smokey eye that didn't look too boring for a Tuesday evening. For lashes to kill, I went with Nouveau Style 2, they are fluttery and long perfect for a night out. Can't even express to you how easy these lashes are to apply and rewear, they have been boxed away many times and still work wonders.
long lasting makeup

I had lip balm on all day because my lips are so dry at the moment, they haven't really been in contact with a lipstick or liquid lipstick in so long. But today, I managed to apply NARS Anita and Chiuaua gloss. The perfect pink combo for any birthday girl, these two products are what I reserve for special occasions even though they aren't all that high end, they make me feel wonderful. 

Its a very simple birthday face but that is just who I am, simple and fuss free! 


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