Summer Work Wardrobe

Happy June Everyone! Can you believe we are half way through the year? This is a very exciting month indeed because its someones birthday! Hopefully, this is also the month that we see more of the sun and not just for a few days but most of the month. When the sun is it out, it makes all the difference, people are happier, the day goes by quicker but there is one issue that is a constant battle - the wardrobe. What do you wear to work that isn't going to be too revealing but keep you cool?                    

These are my tips to battle the warm weather and work wardrobe: 

 Wear the correct undergarments! 

White is always a staple in any ones summer wardrobe, make sure you choose a flesh-tone bra. If the top has spaghetti straps then wear a strapless. What you choose to wear under the nude coloured tops makes a difference to how polished you look. Off the shoulder tops are also very big this season but a word of warning that depending on where you work or how it look, you could look half naked. 

Skip to your feet!

If you are allowed to wear open-toe shoes then paint those nails girl! You don't want people complimenting your pretty sandals and then have to see nails that are either chipped or bare. Word of warning, no matter how relaxed your work are, flip flops are never okay. Sliders are the same- just NO! I am on the hunt for a pair of wedges/heeled sandals that are still pretty but professional - if you have any suggestions then please let me know. 

You can never go wrong with monochrome!

A classic black and white outfit is perfect for anyone, where ever you work. Just because it sounds boring, doesn't mean it has to be. Try pairing a white T-shirt with a leather skirt as this still looks chic but is so simple to wear. My summer wardrobe is mainly black and white and then I add a pop of colour through the use of jewellery or shoes. 

Keeping it Simple!

The best advice for a summer wardrobe and keeping it friendly for work is to do simple. Don't layer clothing because you will just sweat through, opt for something simple like a dress which you can dress up or down. Simon Jersey have a wide variety of uniform options that require no panicking in the morning as they are easy and simple to wear. From dresses to neck blouses that require zero effort. 

How do you dress for the hot weather and for work? 
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