An Ode To Blush

As soon as this time of year comes around, I am addicted to blush. Adding that bit of colour to my cheeks, makes all the difference in the summer. I am still trying to figure out how to wear both blush and bronzer at the same time, I just can't seem to get the balance right - if you have any tips then please let me know! On my skintone, I find that pink blush is the best as it compliments it compared to peach tones one which wash me out.  

As you can see, these are all bascially the same shade but each one is great for different occasions and is ever so slightly different, promise. The Nip & Fab Blush palette is currently my go to, each of the four shades are unique. I tend to go for the bottom two shades as they are slightly more on the mauve side and this makes them great for everyday wear. They have a small amount of shimmer running through, however when you apply them on the cheeks this doesn't come through and its just a pure matte blush. 

NARS Orgasm is a blush that I can't believe I didn't have before! This very pink blush has a gorgeous delicate glitter finish, on me the gold glitter specks are a lot more apparent compared to my friend Aimee, who it looks a lot more pink on rather than gold. It is also extremeley pigmented, not that you would expect anything less from NARS but a little tap on a brush goes a long way. It doesn't however seem to last very long on me, which is such a shame because it looks beautiful.

Milani produce some of the most beautiful looking blushes, it almost makes you now want to use them because you don't want to ruin the pattern. I've had the baked blush in Rose D'Oro for years now and it is a staple for the summer. It has rose gold finish to it with a gold finish, similar to the NARS however a lot less pigmented as it is baked. Baked blushers are great to wear/use if you are scared of wearing too much colour as the baked part makes them a lot less subtle and easy to apply.

Can we take a minute to apperciate the gorgeous rose? Romanttic Rose by Milani is one that I love when on holiday or for those no makeup, makeup days. It is a very light pink and just adds the right amount of colour to the cheeks without being overpowering. This is actually one blush I can seem to pair with bronzer and highlighter due to it being so light and dusky.

A great dupe for NARS Orgasm is Sleek's Rose Gold, the quality of it is on par with NARS but the shades are slightly different. The bonus with this one is that it costs less than £5 which is just incredible! With Orgasm you get more of the gold shimmer, where as with the Sleek one you get the pink coming out more. This is great to wear for occasions or days that you need your makeup to last and look good. For weddings this is a great option!

My collection of blush is not very big at all but I am aiming to expand it this summer, trying some more pink and maybe coral?! Are you a blush fan?

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