Get Your Feet Ready For Sandal Season

Personally, I think that it is now appropriate to wear open toed shoes, sandals and wedges. Its May so you don't need any excuse, get those summer shoes out! Work rules don't permit me to wear open toe/sandals plus I wear tights half the time with my uniform but every other opportunity that I get those summer shoes will be out in full force.
If you are anything like me however, then your toes have been hibernating for the past six months. Layered under socks and stuffed inside boots and wooly tights, safe to say they need some TLC and here are some easy ways to do that. 

The best thing to do is let your feet 'air out' and give them a good clean. Soaking them in some sort of foot bath or warm water bath with essential oils, for about fifteen minutes will do just the job. Your feet will soak up the water to keep them hydrated and make them smell amazing. After you've soaked them, exfoliate them to death. The bottom of your feet will have this entire layer of dead skin that just needs removing, you can either buy a ready made foot scrub or just mix some salt and oil together. If you would rather not do it yourself, invest in a foot file which will scrub it all off for you. The feeling of smooth feet is like no other. 

All of the above is a lot of hard work and no one is saying you have to do it regularly or even at all, it just helps to keep your feet looking good for the summer. A cheat way of getting them ready if you have very little time is using moisturiser and starting now is better. When you apply your favourite body butter at night or in the morning, take a little more and massage it into your feet. Just a pea sized amount, will soak up into the skin and over time will help your feet get back to a normal state. I love using the body shop butters for this, the almond and honey one in particular is so nourishing and smells amazing! 

So, you've cleaned and prepared your feet now for the main event. The toe nails - the mammoth job. There are a few options available, you can go and get a pedicure done in the salon. Every once in a while its nice to go somewhere and have your feet pampered, I love getting gel nails done on my toes because they last (as does normal polish) and looks so shiny. Or you can DIY it and give yourself  a pedicure at home. Choose a cream to give a massage, cut and file the nails to your desired length,then paint away. I love sticking to nude shades/pastels on my toes as then it goes with everything but if you want something bright then go for it! Adding any colour to the toes is instantly going to brighten up the feet and make them look more human. 

The word feet alone gives so many people the shivers, but you need to get those fabulous feet ready for the next few months! Start out early (now) and save yourself some time and effort when you are about to go on holiday. 

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