The Handbag Essentials

Happy long weekend guys and gals! I am so thankful we have an extra day off, so much work to do! The other day on the way to work, I was going through my bag and inside I have a little pouch. This little but rather large pouch contains all the essentials, I take this from bag to bag and switch up small items every now and then. My handbag is a whirlwind half the time, you could get lost in there but this keeps me on track. 
the handbag essentials

makeup essentials on the go

discounted sunglasses

so...? frangrance

One thing I cannot live without in my bag is pens, there always has to be a few floating around in case of an emergency, the prettier the better. As well as pens, headphones are an essential, travelling on public transport alone has to be the worst - listening to music makes it all worth it. 
The improved weather has made me pack my sunglasses* too, this gorgeous pair is from Discounted Sunglasses the retail price is £148 but on line they are only £65. The cat-eye shaped frame are very flattering for all face shapes, a slight tortoise shell pattern that runs through is simply stunning. To add to the high end look, there is Hugo Boss detailing on the side. I love that its not too in your face and bold that they are designer. I am also very impressed with the quality of these sunglasses, being a full time glasses wearer you become accustom to the powerful specs that you wear everyday so these are on par, if not better than my everyday pair. 
A necessity in my handbag at all times is concealer, you never know just when those eye bags need covering or pesky spots need spot concealing. The NYX hd concealer is perfect to keep in my handbag, its creamy and easy to blend on top of the makeup you already have on so no worrying over it being cakey and gross. The other item of makeup I have, is of course lipstick. To tell you the truth, I usually have about six floating around my bag to keep up with my mood swings but the staple one is MAC Twirl, this shade is just perfect for all occasions, days and times. A lovely creme sheen formula  that is long lasting and mauve to match everything. I seem to also be carrying a nail polish with me, its more of a in case of an emergency, nail chips kind of essential. My nails seem to be pretty good at not chipping, but when they do I can't stand it - so keeping a nude colour to fill in the missing gaps. 
The final essential in the pouch is body spray, keeping a perfume, spray or roller ball is an absolute must have for me. I just can't stand smelling bad! The So...? Fragrances Body Mists* are ideal for keeping with you on the go. Spraying a little bit of this, lasts for a long time and will get you a lot of compliments. My favourite of them all has to be Vanilla, it is sweet, strong and just very girly which is me to a point. Then there's Wild Berries which isn't very sweet but very fruity (as the name suggests) perfect for those summery days and you want your scent to linger. Iced Lemon and Floriental are the two that I use in the morning together, mixing fragrances is one of my favourite things to do, these two work really well together. It creates a musky smell that starts the day off in the right way. My grandma loves So...? fragrances and keeps them in her bag too, so its right that I follow in her foot steps and keep them in my bag too!

Even though there are hundreds of receipts in my bag, this pouch of goodies keeps me organised and ready for all weather and occasions! 

What are you handbag essentials? 


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