3 To Try Under £10

At heart, I will forever be a 'drugstore' girl. No matter how beautiful luxury products are, my budget and brain always go back to products from the like of Superdrug and Boots. Saying this, I tend to always go for the same brands including Maybelline, L'Oreal and Rimmel. But recently I've decided to branch out, try different brands and see what else the drugstore offers. Everything from foundation to eyeliner, there is just so much out there. Over the past few weeks, I've been loving these three products in particular. All from brands that I have tried in the past but products I wouldn't necessarily pick up from them. 
under £10

For the gorgeous Chanel bags currently living under my eyes, the NYX HD Concealer - £5.50 has been a lifesaver. Retailing at such a low price, the concealer comes in over ten shades, including colour correcting ones too. I went with shade nude beige. This is ideal shade to use under the eyes as it is lighter than my actual skin tone, this giving it a brightening and more awakening effect. It has a very creamy consistency, that doesn't feel heavy under the eyes and blends like a dream both with a sponge and brush. It doesn't crease with or without powder and is just a dream of an under eye concealer, not one bad thing to say! Tempted to buy my actual shade and see what it is like at covering blemishes on the face. 

I am a self claimed highlighting addict, without fail everyday there is a bit of highlight on my face. From cheeks to cupids bow, if I could apply it all over then I so would! Powder highlighters are what I tend to use, but cream and liquid ones really intrigue me. I have my eye on a liquid highlighter but am so on the fence, not too sure whether its worth investing in a liquid. Cream on the other hand, I have fallen in love with the Revlon Instafix Highlighting Stick - £9.99. It was one of those products, I bought on whim because Revlon have a 3 for 2 offer all the time. This cream comes in the form of a stick and I've been loving to apply it underneath powder highlighter. It really helps it pop and helps it last longer too. 

The final thing that needs mentioning in this post is the Makeup Revolution Lipstick in Chauffeur - £3.00. For the past few weeks, this has been my go to handbag lipstick. The one I keep in bag to do touch ups, apply on the train or even for a quick look in the morning. It has a gorgeous creamy formula, that applies to the lips like a dream - granted, it doesn't last very long but the colour and finish is perfect. Its glossy, but not too sticky and the shade is my perfect nude. 


It is truly amazing what you can find for under £10 these days, hoping to do more discovery style posts in the future! What have you been loving recently? 

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