Weekend Pamper

Who doesn't love a good old pamper evening? Or even day, whatever you prefer! Thursday marked my last day at university for a month, before going out on placement and there was no better way to celebrate than having some me time and indulging in some beauty treatments. We all deserve some TLC from time to time and don't forget that. My focus this week is on three things, skin, lips and nails!!
spring night in


Starting off with skincare, after removing all my makeup it is time to apply a face mask. I am loving multi-masking at the moment, it helps with treating different skin concerns and makes the coolest pattern on your face too. 7th Heaven face masks are an old favourite of mine, they are widely available in all stores and cost next to nothing. They have recently expanded their range, to offer masks for so many different skin types and have included sheet masks too! When my skin needs a deep cleanse, the Dead Sea Mud Pack is my go to. Made specifically for oily/combination skin this mask draws out everything and anything from the under skin. Then there is the Cucumber Peel Off, this is more for the good skin days and when I am wanting a fresh and glowy look - the smell is a bit funky but my skin is so soft after using it! 

My trip to Sephora in Greece last year, gave me the chance to stock up on their own brand face masks, They have a huge range and all of which are amazing. The Green Tea mask is perfect if you are breaking out like crazy, it soothes and calms the skin. Even though all these are amazing and I can't get enough, I've been reaching for a different mask these past few weeks and that one is from The Body Shop. It is a part of their more premium skincare range and is the Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask (what a mouthful). This was recommended to me by Alicia the skincare expert in store, who raved about its dextofiying and deep cleansing properties. She sold it so well! This tingling clay mask smells amazing as it is infused with charcoal, green tea leaves and tea tree oil - three breakout busting ingredients. After using this mask, spots appear visibly smaller and my skin looks so bright! There is a whole range of these Superfood masks and I am going to be slowly exploring each one for sure, Karishma has a whole post on each one from the range and it is well worth a read! 
cco gel polish


As the sun is starting to make a small appearance, my toenails are coming out of hiding, anyone else? Using about 100 different nail files, they were filed and buffed. Then soaked and massaged (how fancy) and then finally painted. It is actually really refreshing having some colour on them, nothing too bright as I am still not ready for that but lovely nudes and pinks to ease me back into painting them. I get my nails (hands) professionally done as they are just a state, went for something very different but I am in love. The two colours are part of the CCO Gel Nail Polish Range, but I am not certain on the shades. I think it might be Rosebud and Blush Teddy but they are just gorgeous! 


More recently, than before my lips have becoming really dry. I've upped my water intake and started to use a lip balm more often but they are still really dry and very flaky. It doesn't prove the best for wearing/applying liquid lipsticks either. To counteract the dryness, I've added a lip mask into my pamper and night routine. The Laneige mask is enriched with vitamins and minerals to help the lips restore themselves overnight, you apply before going to sleep and in the morning just wipe it off with a tissue. At first, the whole thing is slightly odd but it makes such a difference and my lips have never been so soft! 

essence candles


A pamper evening is not complete without a few candles burning, or hundreds but who's really counting? On a recent trip to B&M, I spotted that they had not only revamped the Essence candle range but also added new scents. These now cost £3.99 compare to the originals at £2.99 (full post here), not much of a difference but you can see why. They have a fancy new label on the front with gold detailing and come in a copper jar, which is every bloggers heaven. Of the three, my favourite so far has to be Pumpkin Waffles, its very autumnal but I am in love! 

This weekend, take time out for yourself and do nothing - trust me, it feels amazing! 

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