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I love the feeling of when you are wearing something clothes or makeup wise and someone compliments you, upon telling them where that item is from and they hear that its purse friendly - you've made a friend for life. I love sharing products that cost a fortune and cost next to nothing, Technic is one of those brands. They are brand that I used all those years ago when I first started wearing makeup. Their nail polishes used to be some of my favourites, recently they have had a revamp and have come back better than ever. 
technic cosmetics


Nearly all their products are under thee £10 making it available for those just starting out with makeup and those of us who are obsessed, don't need anymore yet still buy it anyway to try. I've been testing out these five the past few weeks and it is safe to say that Technic do not dissapoint! 

> Colour Correcting Powder - £4.99

This is essentially a banana powder, the yellow tones in the powder makes it ideal to set concealer under the eyes and help cancel out redness. I've not found it very mattifying when using on my t-zone, but under the eyes it helps to set the layers and layers of concealer that I've applied. There's no nasty smell to it, unlike other loose powders and even though it can get very messy its a great powder. 

> Mega Lash Mascara £3.15

When I first opened this mascara I was in shock, the brush head is huge. The mascara has been designed to add volume to your lashes that makes them stand out, the formula is very liquidy so when you apply there is a tendancy of it smudging, I also think this is down to the size of the brush - it makes it difficult to coat each lash perfectly. The colour is a true black and it definetely gives your lashes that life and lift that it needs. 

> Shimmer Eye Primer

I have never used an eye primer quite like this one, instead of being mattifying/skin colour its a shimmer primer. Applying it to the eye straight on didn't seem to do much, so I applied concealer the yellow powder mentioned above and then a coat of this. This time it stuck to my eyelids and gave it a coat of almost an eyeshadow rather than plain primer colour - applying shimmer shadows to this primer was a dream. They looked even more pigmented and shimmery than they did before! 

> Highlighting Powder

Of all these products, this of course is my favourite. I am slightly obsessed with highlighters at the moment, forget lipsticks I think highlighters are becoming my newest addiction. This one from Technic is just so damn pretty. The swirly pattern makes it more luxury than budget, it swatches like a dream on the back of my hand!! It adds this gorgeous golden glow to my skin, its also a product that would work great as a eyeshadow! 

Technic have really blown me away with these products, they're all so good for the price and great quality! 
Their official website isn't up and running yet, but you can find them online from Fragrance Direct and Amazon!

*collaboration with technic

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