Holiday Dreaming

I always find that around this time of year people start to book their holidays if they haven't done already. Whether it be jetting off to a desert island or somewhere local and cheap, having somewhere to go and look forward to helps get through the long days and nights at work/university. As a person, I consider myself a holiday freak. One of those that has to start planning, preparing and packing (or the three p's) months before I am due to go. 

crete, greece

crete, greece

crete, greece

Last year Aimee and myself booked a 'last minute' getaway to Greece. We'd both just finished our first year at university and needed to escape before second year started, looking back it was the best decision we had ever made. Prior to that trip in 2015, we also went away to Germany but we did more of a 'tourist' holiday, visited the sites, looked around and travelled. Greece was more of a relaxing, sit by the pool and do nothing kind of holiday - loved every minute of it. Who knows if we'll do one this year, our schedules are so tight and we hardly have any time to see one another its so upsetting. 

The start of the trip didn't go so well, Manchester airport delayed flights for a few hours because of bad weather, we're talking lightning and storms - not the most ideal but it gave us longer in duty free. A few announcements later and we were on the plane, we booked a package holiday to ensure that everything was done for us and we didn't need to worry. Upon arrival, the holiday company greeted us and by coach we travelled to the hotel. Which was in the middle of nowhere, you can kind of see in the pictures above that surrounding us was land not the beach or sea. At first it was odd but after two or three days we realised that it was why the hotel existed, its a hotel to escape to and the addition of the spa makes it a retreat. A shuttle bus type service ran everyday to the town and back, so you weren't excluded to just the hotel. We also booked ourselves on excursions to see other parts of the island, go shopping and of course hunt down Sephora. The best thing might have been to hire a car from Rental Center Crete as it would have given us more flexibility to explore around Crete as an island.

I loved that we were just able to relax and not worry about anything, WIFI was also only really available in the reception area so in our room we had nothing which was lovely, it was a digital detox too. There were a few days that got cancelled out because neither of us were feeling well, Aimee had very flu like/cold symptoms -  I know in the middle of a hot country?! I suffered what could only be food poisoning. Being a vegetarian in a different country where you can't speak or read the language is hard. You kind of have to guess what everything is, one night at dinner I think I ate something that wasn't sitting right and I knew it straight after eating it. Of course I did say something to the staff to see if they could help me on other nights by saying was it vegetarian and not, there were no labels and it was a buffet style. Because it was a package holiday, you are actually able to get compensation. Holiday hazards are something that Jefferies Solicitors specialise in, they can make the whole process a lot easier. Compensation varies depending on the severity of your sickness, but it's important to never think that you are in the wrong. 

After reflecting on this trip, I am really wanting to go somewhere again! As a family we haven't been on a holiday in years together due to so many different circumstances, hopefully we can book something this summer and get away. I am also hoping that Aimee and I can go away again around September before third year starts - so scary how fast time is going! I'm thinking Iceland or maybe Italy?! 

Where do you wish you were right now?

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