The Two Brushes You Need

If there is one thing you can never have too many of, its makeup brushes. You just have to have some for all occasions, moods and from different brands to try and test. I strongly believe that a good base (skincare wise) and quality brushes either make or break the final makeup look. My makeup hero is the beauty blender, however there are some things that magic sponge can't do. That is where these two brushes come in, my new holy grails, rid or die's and life saviours. Both makeup brushes are from MAC, who's brushes I have never tried and now am obsessed. 

#188 Brush

Let me tell you something, if you haven't ever used a brush for your concealer then you need to start because oh my goodness me - its makes such a difference. The 188 brush is a small duo fibre face brush and is made from a blend of goat and synthetic fibres. Its very light in weight and is good as new when cleaned.
Its a flat top brush that is silky soft, it glides around on your face and doesn't soak up much product. I tried using it with foundation, but found the head too small for my big head. Concealer on the hand, perfect! Its the idea shape and size to use under the eyes, around the nose and on the face. As another test, I used it with a NARS blush and it was great to add a bit of colour. 

#239 Brush

This year is going to be the year that I wear eyeshadow more, to do this I need to have the right tools and eye brushes are never really something I've bought. The 239 brush is a natural hair brush, with short, round bristles that are very tightly packed in. Just like the 188, the hairs are goat, making it unbeliveably soft. The brush is ideal for packing on colour all over the lids, the short yet slightly rounded shape makes it easier to get all over the lid.
 I recieved some MAC pigments at Christmas and this brush works absoutle wonders with it, due to the pigment sticking straight on. The edge of the brush is particually great for blending the corners out, but too much colour on the brush and you are in trouble. 

Both these brushes are life changing and has got me wanting to buy more MAC brushes, to see how they do! If you're in the market for new brushes then I urge you to try these out, as well as giving me recommendations for your favourites because, who doesn't need more?! 


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