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Sometimes your skin needs a quick fix, whether its a spot or shine you may be in desperate need of something. Grace Your Face, have some super cute products that help with skin issues when you need a quick fix. Its the perfect range aimed at teenagers and anyone who is on the go quite a lot and needs something in an emergency. 

grace your face

grace your face

The first two products that I have been loving from the brand are the Oil Blotting Tissues - who knew that these where such life savers. A great tool to keep in your bag and when you reach your destinaiton, a quick blot and you look all done up again. After walking in the wind and rain these are lifesavers and help to restore your makeup back to normal, I am an oily skinned girl so these work well but they work just as well as dry skin and normal skin too. 

Then we have the Deep Cleasning Pore Strips, oh how these do work well. This is a great product to use on a weekly basis to help with blackhead production on your nose, its painful but so worth it because it strips your nose of all the bad things and leaves you wondering why you haven't used pore strips earlier. It is also very odd how these work, you apply to clean,wet skin and let it dry for around 10 minutes and then peel off. Sounds horrible but well worth it! 

grace your face

The final product are the fanciest ones, Blemish Blitz a spot reducer gel and that are a weeks treatment. The pod like packaging is filled with a high imapct gel that you apply to the spot before bed and keep on until the next morning, then peel off the what used to be a gel now more like a peel off mask. It works so well because not only is your spot covered, you don't touch it and its targeting it straightaway. 

I've been loving these SOS products and will not be letting them go any time soon! Grace your Face is available to buy at Fragrance Direct and Amazon! 

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