Autumn TV Picks

Apart from the crisp leaves, warm drinks and cosy jumpers one thing about this time of year is the TV that's on. Its gone from having nothing to watch to everything coming back and its crazy. I watch a lot of TV for a girl my age and it goes from crime dramas to the girliest of programs, the scale is all over the place. I've mentioned some of my favourite shows before but now there's even more. 

autumn tv picks

Putting it out there first, The Walking Dead is back next week. I got into this show at the beginning of the year and its finally time for the new season to air and I'm all caught up. Last season ended on a cliffhanger - nothing more I hate in life- and next week all will be revealed. There's 3 of us that watch the show in my flat and we're all super excited the snacks at the ready. Only problem is that we have the tiniest TV to watch it, the Panasonic HDR 4K TV is more along the lines of what we need. Why not have a big screen to watch an amazing show? 

Another one to watch this autumn is everything Chicago, I'm talking Chicago PD, Fire and Med. Its  a trilogy of programs all based in Chicago, each shows gives you a different view of what happens in the state and what can happen everyday. We watch all of them as a family and it gets us heated up and very angry at times because the story lines are so real and sometimes relatable

If you're more into the law programs then Rosewood is one to watch, he's a doctor that helps the police and does an amazing job, all whilst battling several health problems. I binge watched the first season in such a rush, just so that I could watch season 2 when it airs this month. I'm a little obsessed with binge watching a series. It only aired last year and has done really well in the world of TV! 

A few that never get old and are a must watch in my opinion are Once Upon A Time - full of fairy tales, baddies and evil queens, its one for everyone. Quantico is another great series and it stars Priyanka Chopra my ultimate girl crush because of her bollywood films, this series is about her working away from training and its jaw dropping. Arrow and The Flash start again in the UK next week and the countdown is on. They are both great shows, whether you like superheroes or not! 

On the other end of the scale, I am finally watching Victoria. Its been on showing for a few weeks now on TV and I'm doing the back to back watching because I must know whats happening next. Poldark is another one, Aiden Turner is just to die for and the show is about Britain before now and an amazing representation. The X Factor is also back on our screens, its my way of knowing that the end of the year is near?! Is that odd. Not as good as it used to be, but one that I still have to watch and very exciting news to share - I won a competition to go and watch the finals!! Me and 3 of my flatmates are going in December and making a weekend of it - SUPER EXCTIED. 

What TV do you love watching? 

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