4 Shows to Watch this Halloween

tv to binge watch this halloween

I've talked about TV a great deal lately on here but its because I'm obsessed! Halloween is just around the corner and this whole 'halloween weekend' is the perfect time to watch something scarier than your usual tv program. Warner Bros have a wide selection of films and tv shows that you can choose from that will make this whole weekend spectaular just that little bit more terrifying. 

These are my 4 recommendations to watch this halloween. Let's start with the most well known, The Vampire Diaries. Its a show you can watch all year round but binge watch it at this time of year to get you in mood - its about vampires, what more do you want. The show is a mixture between family affairs, saving the town and a love triangle. It is coming to an end soon as the actors decide to move on from their roles, which is such a shame because its brilliant. 

The Originals is a spin off from the Vampire Diaries and its hard to explain without giving away the entire plot. But Klaus is the original vampire/werewolf hybrid and sets out to protect his family and his home town whilst battling with his several enemies. This show is a lot darker than the TVD and a bit more vampire based than real life but nontheless still an amazing show. I must point out, that you can't watch this without having watched TVD first because it all links together. 

Moving away from the vampires and into the zombie terrority we have iZombie. This show takes some getting used to and a while to get into but worth the wait as it all starts to make sense slowly. Liv is the main charecter who turns into a zombie after attending a party, she can't hide the fact that shes turned so she ends up hiding it as long as possible until something happens to her memories and she starts to help solve murders. This isn't a scary show at all, more comedy! 

Finally, we have Lucifer. Ahh Lucifer the one I'm currently getting through with my flat mates. Its safe to say that you can't just watch one of these and then switch the tv off, you have to carry on watching them. Lucifer is an angel from hell and is on earth as part of his vacation but he's ended up helping the LAPD catching criminals and solving cases. There's also something about Tom Ellis (Lucifer) that is just amazing and makes you want to watch it more, he's sarcastic, beautiful and funny! 

If you'd like to win a Halloween TV Bundle for yourself to enjoy then head on over to my twitter as quick as you can, there's a competition running until midnight on halloween! Enter here. 

Hope you all have an spooktacular halloween....

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