In-Flight Essentials

In less than a week I'll be on a plane out of here 🌴🌴The planning, preparation and packing or the three p's is well underway and excitement levels are sky high. Getting my hand luggage together the other day made me realise that I seem to take the same things with me every time I go away. Bit of a warning, I'm an over packer so this probably isn't even it - i'll be adding more things as  go along. 

in flight essentials

Keeping sanitised when on a plane and travelling is vital, for that reason carrying hand gel is necessary. Most tubes come under 100ml for less than £1, gel just makes it easier to keep your hands clean and great in an emergency. If gel isn't something you like because of the heavy cucumber smell then buy some baby wipes. They work exactly the same way and help to keep you clean and great in an emergency. For little things like this, the poundshop is the best place to go they have so many nifty little things to help you on your travels. When I travel anywhere, my hands get really dry and without hand cream I wouldn't be able to survive. 

Next in-flight essential are these fab time of the month products from Veeda*, you never know when you'll be in the state of an emergency, handy to keep them on you. Their products are natural, high quality and eco-friendly. Its important as a lady to always be prepared, no matter how much it sucks. Both their tampons and pads are now available to buy in Boots for less than £2. You really can tell the difference between these and more well know brands. Veeda products are safer to use and the wrapping doesn't make a big noise, so you can be discrete. 

Our flight this time round is around 4 hours and we land in the early hours of the morning. So, I thought I would keep some bits of skincare handy with me in my travel bag to use either right before we land or as soon as we get to the hotel. This includes a Biore self heating mask, it comes  in a little sachet and then you apply as quickly as you can, it heats up and then cools down. Very soothing on the skin. Two other skincare items are the Skin Sincere Minatures (full post) packing the cleanser to remove any makeup, dirt and nasty flying stuff from my skin and the moisturiser to nourish it. Your skin is so fragile and being in the air for so long can really damage it, its important to care for it properly and correctly. A random skincare item that I've put in my bag is some suncream, well its not really that random but it'll prove useful on the first day and this one is specifically for the face. If I do decide to cleanser in the plane then this is what I will apply, SPF is so important. 

Lastly, I have my Scentor bottle* (full post)  its under 100ml, has a gorgeous perfume inside and will keep me smelling like pretty flowers all day and night. 

Over on Yahoo I posted all about my 5 Travel Beauty Hacks, its still a dream that my posts are published on there too! 

What are your inflight essentials?! 


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