7 Common Foundation Mistakes, You Should Totally Avoid!

If you are planning to go for a natural makeup look or something shimmery you can never ignore the importance of makeup foundations. It is the line which draws the real difference between an expert makeup artist and a newbie. Makeup foundations can make your face look cakey or even result in skin breakout that may result in an utterly disastrous situation. So, ladies always choose your foundations carefully according to your skin tone and skin type. A Makeup foundation that works well with an oily skin may not necessarily work fine with a dry skin or combination skin. So, it is better to read their reviews first on Paulas Choice or other beauty blogs to make sure if your selected foundation can work for you or not. I have gathered some mistakes that ladies should avoid while dealing with the makeup foundations.

7 Common Foundation Mistakes, You Should Totally Avoid!

1- Wearing the foundation with fingers

It might feel like the quickest way to blend the foundation on your skin but ladies do not use your fingers to wear makeup foundations. Blending with your fingers can result in an uneven finish; whether you are going for a light or medium coverage always use the foundation or concealer brush for the perfect airbrush effects. If you are short of foundation brush you can try a damp sponge for the same purpose, make sure to blend the foundation in circular motion for the ideal blending.

2- Relying on Powder Foundations

Powder foundations are old school now, if you are looking for a matte look there are various liquid and gel-based foundations available to do it. Powder foundations normally do no resist oil and sweat and your skin and breakout the skin within a few hours. These foundations can work with light coverage but if you are looking to go for medium or fuller coverage you might as well end up chalking your face. Powder foundations cannot hide your blemishes or fine lines eloquently and you do not want to cake’em up on your face either. For a perfect matte finish you can try …. Foundation.

3- Wearing Foundation like a highlighter 

The main purpose of foundation is to hide the blemishes, fine lines and any irregularity on your skin. Ladies normally build the some coverage under eyes and around the mouth where the fine lines are most prominent and end up creasing them. The best way is to build a lighter coverage in these areas to hide the wrinkles and create a smooth basic layer for the makeup. 

4- Testing the Foundation on the back of your hands

Finding the right matching your skin tone is an arduous task but ladies do not just test on the back of your hands. Have you ever matched the skin tone of your hand with your face? I am pretty sure you would be amazed to find a vast difference between both of them. Instead of testing foundations on your hand try them under your jaw line or eyes to see if they really suite your skin tone.

5- Skipping the Primer

Primers owe a great deal of importance for a smooth and flawless look. Whether you wear an expensive foundation or a nominal one it would not work perfectly to hide skin irregularities without primer. Primers can seal skin pores and promotes soft skin for the makeup foundation to settle properly. Primers can control excessive oil and sweat from skin so your makeup lasts longer. So, ladies do not skip primer before wearing the makeup foundation.

6- Applying Concealer before Foundation

The main purpose of concealer is to hide skin blemishes, puffiness, and dark circles under your eyes. Wearing the concealer before makeup foundation will not help much in this case instead it will decrease its coverage. In an ideal situation your makeup routine should be like this:

1. Wash your face with a good face wash.

2. Apply the Moisturizer on your skin (if you have dry skin or dry skin patches on your skin).

3. Apply the Primer to create a perfect cushiony skin.

4. Apply the Foundation and blend it properly to hide any skin imperfections.

5. Apply the Concealer on problematic areas on skin that are still there.

7- BB Creams, CC Creams and Foundations are all the Same

BB Cream and CC Creams are heavily marketed nowadays and promoted as makeup foundations with additional beauty and anti-aging benefits. The truth is that you cannot replace a makeup foundation with CC or BB Cream. Both these creams can be used as a makeup foundation but they are not the perfect replacement of the makeup foundation. Usually these creams end up breaking your skin and there is always an issue with proper blending whether you do it with a brush or a damp sponge. 

The main purpose of makeup foundation is to hide your skin imperfections, control excessive oil and sweat and keep the makeup intact without any signs of breakout which I am afraid, BB or CC Creams cannot do perfectly. If you are looking for the perfect and natural look you should rely more on the actual makeup foundation. Recently I have tested the IT Cosmetics CC Cream and I am really not satisfied with its result at all. If budget is something you are really worried about then I would say go for the Maybelline Fit Me foundation, it’s really good, it stays longer, blends in perfectly, works evenly on oily and dry skins.

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