The Ultimate Summer Fashion Accessory

Irals Accessory Review

Isn't Summer just a gorgeous season? People are happier, the weather is (sometimes) better and its just a lot more relaxed. Of course there is going on holiday too, whilst I may not be going international this year I have a few things planned for my extra long summer off. Going away is a chance to look your best and all glamorous. That is where Irals come in. A new beach wear accessory brand that has recently launched in the UK.
They specialise in accessories that are made in Brazil and inspired by the Brazilian lifestyle. Its a brand of the most gorgeous add-ons for your flip flops, dresses, swim suits and bag, its really simple too. The cute brooch style piece can be attached to anything to give it a chic look and amp up your overall outfit. There are currently three different collections to choose from and today I am showing you the gorgeous piece that is a part of their Petite collection*. 

Irals Accessory Review

This Shell Gold retails at £9.50  and is a stunning design of a gold and silver shell. It is also really small as you can see in the comparison picture with my hand - small but very cute! It is such a simple accessory that can make your whole outfit come alive and look like you've spent millions. 

Irals Accessory Review

Shall we put it to the test? I took a pair of very old yet much loved flip flops, think they are going on to their 6th year now and added the Irals accessory. All you do it intertwine it between the strap - Amazing. The flip flops look much better to wear in the evening and on the feet, you can't feel the accessory at all! 


It is such a good concept and I think I need to go out and buy more 'cheap' flip flops to dress up with this summer accessory! You can view and buy the whole range of Irals over on their website! 

What is your go to summer accessory? 


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