Birthday Blues

'Don't just count your years, make your years count.' George Meredith
birthday blues

So, that's another birthday over with. If you didn't already know, then on Monday was actually my 19th birthday! I can't actually believe that I am in my last 'teen' year, I remember turning 13 and now 19 - crazy! I'm a summer baby, so the last person in my friendship group to turn this grand old age. Its just how its always been, but having a birthday exactly half way through the year is good enough for me.

Birthdays are a real funny one, my whole life I have been at school for them, for he past 4 years had an exam on them and this year I was working! How fun! But I had a great weekend to compensate for it and enjoyed the day by wearing a badge and everyone wishing me happy birthday.

I think its really important to enjoy your birthday and if you get the chance to throw a party of do something special then why not. I didn't do anything this year but maybe for my 21st I will hold a party! As my birthday is in June, a garden party is my plan. Every time, I go on pinterest I am always seeing cute garden party pictures and it makes me want one even more!
garden party

halo booths

We have a pretty decent sized garden, so I would decorate it all pretty with fairy lights and ti-pis and then have different stations. So a drinks one of course, a smores station, lots of food, and I would also have a photo booth! My whole family are obsessed with going in these, even my grandma! Halo Booth* provide you with high quality prints, an attendant to help you out, props, backgrounds and you can even have a guest book! Who doesn't love dressing up, being silly and having memories to look back on!

Maybe I am planning too far in advance but its better to be prepared right? What is your dream party? 

*in collabortion with halo booths, and it was actually my birthday

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