Chapter 1 - First Year Finished

life at university

Wow. Ok, I am actually writing this post. Today I finished my first year at university. Say what? This blog is like a diary for my life, not only does it consist of reviews and hauls but it has very deep, life posts too. Just over 9 months ago I posted a blog post called I'm Going to University! , where I spoke all about getting into my dream uni and doing the degree I have always wanted to do. Then I posted all about Freshers Week, where I felt very out of place. I don't drink, so I don't go out partying every night, much more of a staying in kind of person. 

finishing first year

Today, was my official last day of Year 1. I'VE DONE IT. At points, I honestly thought there was no end and I should just give up. Glad I didn't because I am on an exciting journey and it is just getting started. University and staying in halls has taught me a lot. Lessons that will help me throughout my life time and hopefully see me through the next two years. I've learnt that, university is not school! Everything is on your shoulders. You don't have someone going on at you that tomorrow is a deadline or you have a audit to do next week. It is up to you if you attend the lecture in the morning or leave your assignment to the night before. Responisbilty.  One of the greatest things I have learnt is to budget, keeping my money in check and watching what I spend has been a real eye opener. I love food shopping, but buying too much that isn't needed is stupid. 

Living with complete strangers was scary at first, but I think  have made some great friends for life. 3 of the people who I live with now, I am living with next year and I can't wait to have a house! There have been times where friendships have been tested and morals have changed but you look back and laugh at how petty everything is. The plan now? Well, I have until September to do my work, blog like crazy and enjoy myself! I am moving out of halls this weekend and saying goodbye to my first chapter. You can check out my room and accommodation here..

The Next Year..

I love setting myself goals and targets to reach for in my personal and academic life. For the academic sides of things the next year (and third) counts towards my degree, so I need to start putting in more effort and working harder than ever. I'm hoping the girls I live with help in motivating one another and we work together. I also need to become super organised, keep on top of things and find a right work, life balance. Which then brings me on to blogging, all fingers crossed that I keep going at it and storm through. I have so many things planned and want to carry on developing my blogging skills.

In my personal life I want to finally learn to drive! I've put it off for long enough now and its about time I get behind the wheel and go for it. Taking Driving Lessons scare me but I think once I've done it I'll be fine. I'm maybe thinking of doing an intense course and getting it out of the way before moving back out to come to university, or to spread it out and give myself a year? Let me know if you have any tips on the best way to go about it!

I hope to keep you all updated on my journey and thank you for sticking with me...

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