Nails of the moment #3

spring nails

The other week I went back to have my nails done, it had already been a month and they desperately needed doing. It's so exciting going as well, it relaxes me and makes me feel better! It is spring so I wanted a bright colour, but I ended up going for a rosy pink colour as it was the first colour that I saw. 

stiletto nails
The colour is OPI in Dulce de Leche which I'm sure is caramel in Spanish, but have no idea! It is a very classy colour, been on the nude side but with a very pink tone. As soon as I saw it on the stand, I knew that was the colour for me, however it looked a bit scary at first because maybe my skin was too dark for it? I don't know but know I'm in love. I mixed things up a bit too this time around and went for a different shape, previously I went for almond - more of a rounded angle and look better shorter. This time I went for a pointed tip which some would call 'stiletto' a shape that elongates the fingers but slightly harder to manage things. This is my new favourite shape and definitely will be sticking to this shape from now on. 
opi dulce de leche

The bow and arrow ring is from Coconut Lane that I hauled recently, with a code for you to get 20% using parie20.

OPI Dulce de Leche is available online for £12.50

What's on your nails at the moment? 

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