March Favourites 2016

This year is flying by and every time I come to planning and writing these posts, it gives me time to reflect upon what has happened or will be happening. I'm sharing with you the bits I have been loving this March! 

March Favourites 2016


The three amigos - or the three skin saviours. I have been committing myself to using a face mask as often as possible. The Mint Julep Mask works wonders when my skin is really hormonal as it calms it down and the mint smell is very soothing right before you go to sleep. Another love has been the very long name Cleansing Wash from Una Brennan (full review). I have been using it day and night since the first of the month to be exact and my skin is clear of any breakouts, I get the odd few but very small and then they disappear. I'm going to sleep with squeaky clean skin as it gets everything off. At the end of the day when the spots do come out to play I have been using the Clearasil Blemish + Marks Cream, which is a very thin cream that can be applied directly on to problem areas to reduce the appearance. Usually, things like this don't work but on my cheeks I have seen a big difference to my marks its crazy, a full review of this is coming soon! 

Makeup & Hair! 

For hair there is just one favourite and that is the mini wet brush*, since getting this in a Look Fantastic Box a while back I have been obsessed and don't seem to have spoken about it enough. I keep it in the shower and use it right before coming out, it detangles and smoothes to make it easier to dry and set. Makeup wise I have been loving the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue, as my skin is thankfully a little clearer I don't feel the need for layers of foundation. Two thin layers of this instead is enough for me to look decent. My lips have been very dry recently and I don't know the reason, the cocoa butter lip balm has been working wonders on my lips, applying it when I do my foundation makes it easier at the end to apply my lipstick. Which has been the lipstick MAC Taupe, oh my gosh I can't stop going on about this lipstick. Everything about it is just perfect, I have my lovely brother to thank for buying me it at christmas - bless him. It is a matte, toned down brown that for me is a great everyday nude.  

quote wall pinterest

Life in March has been pretty hectic, I finished my placement and passed successfully with my mentor having very high hopes for me in the future - always promising. Soon after finishing I had 2 assignments due in a week apart and conquered them. The other day, we came to London for a few days to have some time with my grandma. It has been constant. Now, it's April which means I have two months left in my first year - SAY WHAT.
 One of the things that has been keeping me motivated is my inspirational quotes wall. It was really easy to do as well, browse the web/pinterest for motivating quotes, print and stick on to a wall or noticeboard. It looks lovely in a very plain room and having a theme, like mine is black and gold really adds to the look. In TV I have been loving to watch The Walking Dead. I am very late to the party but have started to watch it with two of my flatmates and am hooked - if you need something to binge watch then go for this! I have also been loving Once Upon a Time which is now back on screens after what seems like the longest break in the world. I have also consumed a great deal of Pringles this past month, the Paprika flavour is everything! 

What have you been loving this month? 

*pr sample, all opinions expressed are my own

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