Makeup of the Moment #3

How proud are you all, that I have remembered to do this post for the third time running? If you are new (hello!) this is my makeup of the moment series where I talk about what has been going on my face for the last month of so. If you want to read the previous two, you can catch up here. 
 Makeup of the Moment

I talked a little about this primer in my February Favourites post, and slowly it is getting to the point where it needs its own review. Shine Killer is a great primer for all us oily girls out there, it mattifies and keeps my skin shine free for around 7 hours. The texture of it is slightly greasy however it sinks right in, I have used this with various formulas of foundation and all work amazingly well.

Last summer (oh how depressing..) I purchased the BM Complexion Rescue in Dubai on a whim because it was considerably cheaper out there than in the UK. It was amazing to use in the summer and in the hot weather as it kept my skin looking fresh and didn't clog it up too much. Recently, I have been opting for a much lighter base and this has been my go to. With two thin layers this gives me enough coverage to walk out of the door and feel like I spent ages getting ready. It has been lovely to apply and wear. 

This is one of my favourite concealers in the world, I am currently running very low of my actual shade 35 and need to go out and repurchase. This one is in the shade 20, very light compared to my skin but great to use still under my eyes. It brightens the area up and makes me look more alive.

Rimmel Stay Matte (£3.99)
The NYX primer keeps shine at bay but it is also down to the Rimmel Matte powder. If you don't let the complexion rescue set then it can look and feel very greasy, by applying this powder straight after it sets it all in place.

MAC Bronzer (£22.00)
I am a big lover of bronzer and this one from MAC is amazing, I did neglect it for a long time but now it comes everywhere with me. It makes me look more defined yet not too muddy. It does have the slightest bit of shimmer running through, however this doesn't reflect when you apply.

MAC Soft & Gentle (£24.00)
This is another MAC gem, apologies for how much there is in this post but I am having a serious MAC moment. Soft and Gentle is a gorgeous blush/subtle highlight. It is very shimmery so you have to be really 'gentle' excuse the pun. I love wearing this on a sunny day because the sun bounces straight off of it.

Seventeen Falsifeye Mascara (£6.99)
I repurchased this a few weeks ago because I needed some more mascara for everyday wear and this one from Seventeen adds volume, thickness and length to my lashes. I also adore the brush on this wand because it catches every single lash. I have a full review if your interested in reading it here.

Primark Lip Liner 'Brown'  (£1.00) & MAC Taupe £15.50 
Oh my gosh, this lip combo is insane. Recently, I have been going for more of a browny nude lip rather than pink because it seems to suit my skin tone in the winter months a little better. The lip liner from Primark is amazing, very soft and easy to apply - with it I line the outside of my lips only because it is very dark compared to the lipstick. Then I take Taupe and fill my lips in and it leaves this gorgeous brown shade of lipstick on my lips. I can't help but stare at it all day, the formula of Taupe is matte so I get more wear and use out of it.

What makeup have you been loving recently? 

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