Beauty Hacks for Brunettes

beauty hacks for brunettes
Photo by Ashley Webb

Brunettes often get the short end of the stick. Why? Well, it’s said that blondes have more fun! But any dark haired gal will tell you that just isn’t true. Blonde’s darker haired counterparts have just as much fun, if not more! If you have brown or black hair, then you can rock a whole load of stunning looks.

The darker your hair, the greater the impact of bold and bright red lips. It’s the ultimate for boosting your sex appeal. It’s a classic combination which can be very elegant and utterly seductive. Try out different tones of red to find what suits you best. Blue toned reds will suit cooler complexions. Reddy lipsticks with an orange base will suit those with warmer tones.

Your eyes are the focal point of your face. Why not give them a boost with some green contacts? Green eyes and black hair are one of the most unusual hair and colour combinations, so it will certainly make you stand out from a crowd! Make sure you get the most out of your makeup.

When applying eyeliner, use two different shades. A black line on the upper lids first, then a softer charcoal line along the bottom lashes will really make your eyes pop. Make sure you join the lines up at the corners of the eyes. This has the benefit of making them look even bigger.

If you have a pale complexion, then you’re really lucky. You may be envious of your sunkissed sisters, but don’t be. You don’t have to bear the ageing effects of the sun to look good. Staying out of the sun's harmful rays will mean you keep your youthful looks intact for much longer. Use a foundation or daily moisturiser with sun protection included to help shield yourself from the sun and its potential dangers.

Accentuate your lips during the day by using a tinted lip balm. Helping offset the dark strands, the shine with a hint of colour will brighten your face. If you use a moisturising balm, then you’ll be keeping your lips in tip-top kissable condition. It’s always best to be ready for a kiss, just in case. You never know when you might just get lucky!

If your hair has a chocolate toned hue, then make your eyes up with a touch of luxe. Make your eyes up with classy copper and honey shades. Gold is very complimentary, and you can mix and match your lips and eyes to update your look.

Plum or deep purple tones can make darker hair look delicious! If you’re fortunate enough to have green eyes, then these colours will also make your eyes stand out and look huge. Experiment with different colours and have fun with your beauty routines. Green eyeshadow looks great if you have brown eyes, why not try it out?

If you’re a brunette, what are your favourite colours to wear? Have you any foolproof beauty hacks? Do stop by and share your stories in the comment box below.

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