Elegant Touch Review

Elegant Touch
I was recently contacted by the lovely team at Elegant Touch to try out some of their nails and been the nail addict I am, of course I was going to say yes. Today I thought I would do a haul/thoughts about them and how I manage with them on.

La Croix

These were the first I spotted in the parcel because of how pretty the statement nails are. The set is a design of nude almond shaped nails and then one purple, one red gemed nails. This is giving you the freedom to apply all the nude nails or even the gemed ones on your ring finger as a statement. 

Natural French

A classic pair of french nails that are in short length to make them look much more natural and elegant.These also come with little tabs to help you with applying the nails on accurately. I'm looking forward to trying these out when I have something special coming up or even a wedding, they will look amazing. 


I have fallen in love with these Coral square shaped nails, they are also super shiny and upon the first look you just want to apply them. I would love to apply these right now, but the colour is too bright for this time of year, and will be saving them for a hot summers day. 

Garnet Nails

Garnet are the nails that I first dived into and couldn't wait to get on my nails. They have been on my nails for over two weeks now and are the most beautiful things I have ever seen. They are more of a oval shape and the length is perfect to handle everyday tasks. I can't believe that even with working in a school, I have managed to cope with them on and they haven't popped off. 

Overall, I am really pleased with Elegant Touch. Their nails are amazing quality and very easy to apply. I find lining up a selection of the right size and then applying them bit by bit is easier. I have been using the glue from the packet, they have just bought out nail guards  which help with protecting your nails from the false ones, which I am eager to try out. I will definetly be trying some more nails from the brand out soon, and you can expect the other nails in a few weeks on the blog. 

Have you tried anything from Elegant Touch? 


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